Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Vetiver EDP Perfume Review

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Vetiver

It seems that all designers have a high-end “luxury” fragrance line now because apparently the world didn’t have enough $200+ niche perfumes being launched every week. For Dolce & Gabbana it’s the Velvet Collection.

Velvet Vetiver opens as a bitter, green, crushed fig leaf. The vetiver in this is green, brisk and rather sharp. The dry-down is faint green vetiver with world’s faintest cedar. And some Prada Infusion d’Iris style powder to hold it together.

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Vero Profumo Mito EDP Perfume Review

Vero Profumo Mito perfume

One of the many reasons that I respect the Vero Profumo line so much is that Vero doesn’t release a perfume until it’s perfect. Her line is not padded with filler fragrances. She doesn’t launch a fragrance to keep her name in the perfume SEO game. Vero launches a perfume when it is right. Mito is right.

Mito opens as fresh, green and bitter with citrus and a complex galbanum (like wet weeds and freshly sliced apples). The scent is bold. If it were a… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Aftelier Haute Claire EDP Natural Perfume Review

Aftelier Haute Claire EDP perfume

Aftelier Haute Claire is the newest fragrance in the Aftelier line. To read more about the inspiration and process of Haute Claire, check out Nathan Branch’s blog to view the letters between perfumers, Mandy Aftel and Liz Zorn. A few of us fumeheads and perfume bloggers  have said that we want a “creamy green” perfume. We like green but are sometimes turned off by its “coldness”. Well, here’s a “creamy green” perfume that surpasses anything my little non-perfumer brain could ever imagine.

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Tom Ford Private Blend Arabian Wood EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Arabian Wood

Arabian Wood was a Kuwait exclusive and there is a little story behind it saying that Arabian Wood was a bespoke fragrance for a “sheik”. I think the name of this perfume really throws people off. People are expecting something with roses, oud, frankincense: a woodsy “Arabian” styled perfume. Instead Arabian Wood is an old-fashioned green floral that is so incredibly 1970’s. I think Arabian Wood could benefit from a name change.

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Emilio Pucci Vivara EDP Perfume Review

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing A Popular Perfume

I’ve never sniffed the original mid-60’s Pucci Vivara fragrance, I’m sure it was beautiful and I won’t/can’t compare the old and the new. Emilio Pucci has openly admitted and embraced the fact that they reformulated Vivara. Vivara does smell very “modern” and “abstract” to me. Pucci Vivara is a fresh floral fragrance in a beautiful bottle.

The “ugly duckling” galbanum has had a makeover. I’ve never sniffed galbanum so mainstreamed and femininized in my life. This… Continue reading | 4 Comments