Phuong Dang Cryptic Extrait Perfume Review

Phuong Dang Cryptic

Phuong Dang is a line of niche perfumes founded by a Vietnamese visual artist that resides in Singapore. The Noses of the perfumers are French and people you’ve probably heard of. Months ago, I reviewed Liquid Red, a perfume that reminds me of fancy French cosmetics and partying all night. Being a rose lover, I decided to try another leather-rose in the line, Cryptic.

There’s not much to know about Cryptic other than it’s a dark, leather rose. It opens with dry/brut champagne aldehydes. At first… Continue reading


Indult Paris Isvaraya EDP Perfume Review

Indult Isvaraya EDP

Indult Paris is back…and you guys, this is a great thing.

Isvaraya is one indolic jasmine. Holy moly. It’s a skanky jasmine patchouli. Once it’s settled, I can’t stop sniffing my wrist. It’s a warm jasmine, like jasmine scented hair (which isn’t that odd, I use an Indian jasmine hair oil and Oscar Blandi has that awesome jasmine line). There’s a plum syrup, actually, it reminds me more of a nectar. Isvaraya settles into this perfect harmony of warm jasmine, plum and patchouli. The… Continue reading | 7 Comments