Tocca Stella EDP Perfume Review

Tocca Stella

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

This winter hasn’t been that gruesome so I really shouldn’t complain. But, this past weekend I realized I that I am over winter. It was in the 60º+ range, sunshine and birds chirping…I realized I’m sick of wearing bulky coats and wool socks. I’m ready for spring.

This sudden awakening had me craving citrus perfumes. Suddenly, I wanted bright, airy scents. I ended up spraying on Tocca Stella¹, a perfume I remember smelling like juicy blood oranges.

Stella is… Continue reading | 6 Comments


A Beautiful Life Smitten PINK Perfume Oil Review


A Beautiful Life Smitten

A Beautiful Life Smitten PINK is a fruity-floral with self-described “Southern florals”. And I do get Southern florals in it but it doesn’t conjure up a Southern belle. Instead I get a festival chick.

Smitten PINK opens up as a blast of pink grapefruit. It’s sour but sweet. There is a lot of black currant. This smells sweet, tart, and a little musky. The muskiness is that fruity “blackberry” like musk that accompanies black currant. The opening is citrus-fruity. With time the florals… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Caron Tubereuse Parfum Extrait Review

Caron Tubereuse Extrait

Caron Tubereuse is the most recent fountain perfume from the house. It was created in 2003. It is obviously made for people with pockets for a fountain creation but found all of the others too old-fashioned. And when I say old-fashioned, I mean “too complex”.

Caron Tubereuse reminds me of grape soda pop in the opening. It’s fizzy and fruity. This quickly vanishes and it becomes a tuberose with peach. And then it wears as tuberose and freesia with a dash of nutmeg. It’s a bright tuberose, not… Continue reading | 8 Comments


The Different Company De Bachmakov EDP Perfume Review

The Different Company

I didn’t know what the notes were when I first tried The Different Company De Bachmakov but it was eerily familiar even though I knew it wasn’t one memory but multiple scent memories. I smelled air conditioning and fig leaves which reminded me of elementary summer vacations. I then got No. 2 yellow pencil shavings and chalkboards with an air conditioner coolness with a little bit of mildew that resides in those. It was like going back to elementary school after summer vacation. To my surprise when… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Lili Bermuda Coral & Pink EDT Perfume Reviews

Lili Bermuda is a niche line located in Bermuda that draws their inspiration from the islands (how couldn’t you?).

Lili Bermuda Coral

Coral: Notes listed include clementine, freesia, rose and ginger.

Pink opens with a juicy orange mixed with rose. I also get a hint of ripe peaches. And then it becomes a freesia floral. It’s nothing special but it does smell like a watery freesia and I know some people are into that.

Give Coral a try if you like sheer florals or if you like… Continue reading | 1 Comment