Nateeva Saint Thomas Perfume Review

Nateeva Saint Thomas perfume review

The Beach Eaus – A month of beach and ocean inspired perfumes.

Nateeva is a perfume house that is inspired by islands; this is what I call “destination inspirations“. I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of August 2019 to reviewing perfumes that are inspired by or smell like the “the beach”. Because of this, you’re going to see me review the entire Nateeva line. Let’s travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands…

Saint Thomas is a heady white floral. It opens… Continue reading


Coqui Coqui Flor de Mayo and Coco Coco Reviews

As I discussed in my review of a few Shanghai Tang perfumes, I like to buy perfumes when I travel to be my olfactory souvenirs. When I was in Mérida, Mexico¹ I ended up buying the mini sets of Coqui Coqui perfumes at their boutique. I actually did something I never do: I didn’t smell them. I just bought them because A. I was on vacation B. there was a gorgeous perfume boutique and C. the prices weren’t so bad.

Here I am many months later, finally sniffing them.

home scents

NEST Pink Jasmine Candle Review

NEST Pink Jasmine

When it comes to home fragrance, I’m usually attracted to the warm, woodsy, incense type stuff. I like “cozy” home scents. This applies if it isn’t a NEST home fragrance. This line makes me a lover of floral home fragrances.

Pink Jasmine is a dewy blend of feminine, frou-frou florals. I pick up on the jasmine and peony over a delicate white musk. It really does smell “romantic”. It’s my boudoir fragrance. Like all NEST candles this one burns evenly and has amazing throw. The scent… Continue reading


Envoyage Nectars des Îles EDP Perfume Review

Envoyage Nectar des Iles EDP

I love perfumes that start with an idea and execute that idea. Envoyage Perfumes Nectars des Îles is one of those perfumes

“Excuse me! Wait. Excuse me!”

I hear this and keep on walking down the steep hill with two smooshed face creatures pulling my shoulders out of place. “What does she want?” I ask myself. It’s the evening. I’m tired. I just want to walk my dogs, go home, cook dinner and watch Modern Family.

“Excuse me.”

OK that’s it and… Continue reading | 13 Comments


Huitieme Art Manguier Metisse EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Art Manguier Metisse perfume

Huitieme Art perfumes only contain 2-3 accords and is based on “phyto-perfumery”. You can read more about that and then some at Ça Fleure Bon. One thing is for sure with this line, they trip me up. I feel like I smell them on “rewind”, especially Manguier Métisse.

Manguier Métisse opens as a sweet mango lassi: sweet, tart, creamy. The mango lassi is perfumed but this time not by a splash of rosewater. Manguier Metisse has a heavy dose of… Continue reading | 4 Comments