EauPEN Thread – Sweet Dreams

Do you wear perfumes to sleep?
Yes, I do. Or I guess, I should say that I wear fragrance at night. I tend to bath/shower in the evening. This is the time I wear perfumes for myself (instead of sampling things for the blog). I do my ritual and enjoy whatever bath/body products are in my current rotation. I may wear something that compliments my bath/body products.I really don’t wear “different” perfumes at night vs. the day; I wear whatever suits my fancy.

*Capucine and cat pic

EauPen Thread – I’m Sick of It!

What perfume note or style are you currently tired of?
OK, so this question isn’t asking if there is something within the industry you’re sick of sniffing. I’d like to know if there is a note/genre that you have burnt yourself out on or never really liked in the first place.

My answer: amber. I went through a crazed amber stage; it was all I wore. Then one day, I was so sick of it. I had burnt myself out (like if someone that thought eating cake everyday for a… Continue reading | 20 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 6.29.15

Jean Havoc

The Lipstick League – Week of 6.29.15

Happy 4th of July!

Question of the Week: What was your first “signature scent’? Do you still wear it?

EauMG’s Answer: Being a fumehead, we don’t have a signature scent. We have commitment issues. Thinking back, I don’t think I’ve ever had a signature scent. Even in my more youthful days, I’d wear lots of different things. I will say that I’ve had notes that reoccurred throughout my life – patchouli and rose. Those have been


Rant with EauMG – “Mean Girl” Perfumes


Like many people, I absolutely hated high school. In fact, I absolutely hated ALL school for its conformity and norms. It was not a positive experience for me. And as soon as I got out, I never thought about it. I moved on…or at least I thought I did.

Over the years, I’ve had issues with certain perfumes and certain notes for “no real reason”. I thought it was mostly a preference thing. And then it hit me after a long rant about my hatred for Vanilla Fields


Happy 6th Blogiversary to EauMG!

Madonna and cake

It’s EauMG’s 6th blogiversary (and it’s my birthday!). Things sure can change a lot in six years:

  • I moved across the country.
  • I’ve had more than a few career changes.
  • I went from having 0 pets to now having 2 dogs.
  • I went from having 0 nieces and nephews to having a total of 4 nephews and 1 niece.
  • I’ve become a happy and confident adult.

So much has changed but I’m still blogging. I would have never thought that… Continue reading | 59 Comments