EauMG’s Smell Diary – February 2013

February 1stDowntown – On the verge of being sick and in the complete center of exhaustion, I sprayed on a fragrance to sample. I smell like “bros” and I really didn’t want to smell like that today.

February 2ndDowntown – Walking out of SAM slightly disappointed by the exhibit, I catch a whiff of blooming daphne. It’s one of the best smells on the planet and makes me forget about the male Eurocentric art rant fermenting in my head.

February 3rdWest Seattle – A strange mucky aroma follows me. Husband has rotten… Continue reading | 9 Comments


A Dozen Roses Perfume Blog Event

A dozen roses

I’m a rose lover. I love this flower’s versatility. It doesn’t surprise me that thousands of years after its cultivation that we are still drawn to this flower and its eternal beauty. I love everything the rose symbolizes. I love its flavor and smell. Yep, I’m a rose lover.

With A Dozen Roses Perfume Blogging Event, I’m sharing my favorite rose products from perfumes to spray lavishly to jams to sweeten tea. I find that as soon as January hits that I’m in a “rose… Continue reading | 18 Comments

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EauMG at the Northwest Chocolate Festival: Chocolate + Perfume

One of the reasons I moved to the Northwest was because people “did stuff”. Everyone had a hobby. Everyone had a passion. Their passion and enthusiasm made me feel so normal…and healthy. I felt at home with gin snobs, single malt snobs, wine snobs, coffee snobs, olive oil snobs…and this weekend I was introduced to the chocolate snob. On Saturday I went to the Northwest Chocolate Festival. This event had quite a few “chocolate fans”, I mean who isn’t a fan of chocolate? I say that but I’m talking hardcore chocolate fans. Hardcore. Just as hardcore as Doctor Who fans… Continue reading | 10 Comments

fragrance, fragrance and food

Fragrance & Food – Grapefruit Fir Compote & Angel Food Cake

Fragrance & Food – Grapefruit Fir Compote with Angel Food Cake

Loosely based on CREED Silver Mountain Water

Years ago, I had a sponge cake with a rosemary grapefruit topping at a café. This combination of flavors inspired me to play around with the combo of tart grapefruit, the dynamic fresh/cooling mountainous flavor of fir over vanilla sugar. I wanted something refreshing.

Grapefruit Fir Angel Food Cake

This is a super easy recipe especially if you buy a pre-made angel food cake. I purchased an angel food cake… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Lavender Land – Sequim Lavender Festival 2011

Sequim Lavender Festival 2011
Breathe it in…

Last weekend, I headed on out to the Sequim Lavender Festival. Sequim is about an hour from where I live (crazy geography, looks closer on a map). I often forget that I live in a beautiful place. How easily we get spoiled! I remember when I first moved here how novel it was that I could grow lavender without taking care of it…and without killing it!

Sequim (pronounced like: say “swim”, now add a /k/ and say “skwim”) lies… Continue reading | 22 Comments