Providence Perfume Co. Organic Perfumed Tea Collection Review

Providence Perfume Co. Tea

Fragrances and flavors go hand in hand. I’m actually surprised that more perfume brands don’t have flavorful luxuries (i.e. tea or chocolate) in their lines because it seems like such a natural pairing!¹ When a perfume brand offers ways for me to basically eat or drink perfume, I’m interested.

Providence Perfume Co. has six flavors of “a*poth*a*care*tea” AKA organic, perfumed loose leaf tea blended by an indie perfumer.

Disclaimer – I’m not a tea expert unlike many of my knowledgeable, dedicated friends. I’m more… Continue reading | 12 Comments

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Boxwalla April Food Box Review

Boxwalla Food Box

I’m trying something different. This is a review of a food subscription box. In the past I have reviewed Boxwalla Beauty Boxes. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Boxwalla has four different boxes and Food is one of them.

I have never subscribed to a food box like this before. I’ve been tempted but I have always lived in areas that have access to well, everything. So, I’ve talked myself out of these sort of services because I didn’t really know what they could offer me… Continue reading | 4 Comments


A Dozen Roses Perfume Blog Event

A dozen roses

I’m a rose lover. I love this flower’s versatility. It doesn’t surprise me that thousands of years after its cultivation that we are still drawn to this flower and its eternal beauty. I love everything the rose symbolizes. I love its flavor and smell. Yep, I’m a rose lover.

With A Dozen Roses Perfume Blogging Event, I’m sharing my favorite rose products from perfumes to spray lavishly to jams to sweeten tea. I find that as soon as January hits that I’m in a “rose… Continue reading | 18 Comments

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Opus Oils Champagne Roses Tea Review

Opus Oils Champagne Roses Tea

Rose Week 2012

Opus Oils creates more than perfumes! They also have a great range of perfumed tea. I couldn’t think of a better one to talk about for Valentine’s Day than Champagne Roses.

“Roses with absolutes of rose and tuberose.”

What does it look like? Dried rose petals.

What does it smell like? Dried rose petals.

I’ve brewed the rose petals for 4 minutes in boiling water to drink as a tea. It has a citrusy… Continue reading