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More 1920’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Billie Dove

Photoplay 1929 Billie DoveJanuary 1929 (

I recently got my hair cut in a bob with bangs. I was going for more of a flapper look but it looks more like a 70’s take on the 20’s.  Or better yet early 90’s Industrial fan. This is cool and I’m happy with it. Every fall I seem to get really inspired by the 20’s and 30’s. Living in a rainforest, literally, I wear lots of hats in the fall/winter. I guess this is why I crave these… Continue reading | 6 Comments

makeup instruction, vintage

More 1920’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Olive Ann Alcorn

A simple red lip is easy and always makes a lady look pulled together no matter the decade. This classic look works for many complexions. And I love Olive Ann’s “tucked”  bob with Marcel waves. Olive Ann had ridiculously long hair (that she often draped over her nude body while modeling) but in this pick she looks very 20’s flapper with the tucked hair and long strand of beads. A very glam look for this Phantom of the Opera star.

FACE: First, cover up… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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More of the 1920’s: Get The Look Of Josephine Baker

Josephine was such a beautiful and talented person making her a perfect icon. This is an ad for her hair product. Here look would look amazing on anyone with warm undertones. Here’s how to get this look:

FACE: Apply a concealer if needed. I love the creaminess of Lancome Maquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer. Apply a powder foundation such as MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. With a powder foundation, no finishing powder is really needed. Josephine’s cheeks are pretty bare. For myself, I would need a little bit of… Continue reading | 2 Comments


New Crazylibellule & The Poppies Les Garconnes Fragrance: Dedicated To The Flapper

I must say that I haven’t sniffed any of these yet but I know that I want them all. Sometimes a company just “gets” me. I get branded and I can’t help it. This is what I’ve been “into” for quite sometime, why don’t they just stamp a French bulldog on the package and pair it with some violet mints and a stereoscope and you have consumer me. I am a sucker for this stuff. I may have long hair but I do flaunt 20’s turbans and head wear. I love… Continue reading