EauMG’s Guide to Fig Perfumes

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When I first starting writing EauMG many years ago, I couldn’t get my hands on enough fig-based fragrances. Friends would email me links to every fig perfume they encountered online or in person. I loved fig perfumes and it was great timing – it was one of the trends in niche perfumery at the time. Over the past 9-10 years, I’ve easily sampled hundreds of fig perfumes. I also have bought more than any person would ever need. My obsession with figs started “Pre-Perfume-Era” for me.… Continue reading | 31 Comments


Huitieme Art Ciel d’Airain EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Ciel d'Airain EDP

Ciel d’Airain is the most figgy thing ever but it doesn’t openly admit that it’s figgy. Fig perfumes are some of my favorites. Why be ashamed Huitième Art? Get figgy with it.

Ciel d’Airain opens up as a woody fig tree. I get the bark, the big and smooth green leaves and “fig milk”. And yes, there’s olive leaves mixed with these ripe fruit. Fig is usually milky or like coconut. In this perfume, it’s bitter and green with enough milkiness to make… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Sonoma Scent Studio Fig Tree EDP Perfume Review

Sonoma Scent Studio Fig Tree Perfume

I love fig fragrances. I own more than enough and I’m still searching for new ones. Last month, Sonoma Scent Studio launched Fig Tree and I was eager to try it. Fig is such a “happy memory” scent for me. It reminds me of my childhood, late summers and sunshine. Fig Tree is a fig fragrance inspired by the “entire” fig tree. It doesn’t accentuate the fruitiness or the “coconut” sweetness of figs. Fig Tree is an environment scent that uses some “headspace” to… Continue reading | 18 Comments

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Pacifica Mediterranean Fig Solid Perfume Review

Pacifica Solid Fig Perfume

I love a fig fragrance. In a way, it’s like I collect them. Sometimes I find myself purchasing less-than-perfect-figs just because I can’t help it. And I love a fig fragrance that actually smells wonderful and retails for under $10. So, what I am saying is that I love Pacifica Mediterranean Fig Solid Perfume. It is a must have for the fig lover. And even a must have for those wanting a simple scent. I see why this is one of Pacifica’s #1 sellers.

The tin… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Diptyque Philosykos Perfume Review

So far, I haven’t met a Diptyque fragrance that I haven’t loved. I can say that Diptyque Philosykos is my all time favorite fig scent ever. Ever. I’m a fig fragrance nut. I “collect” them even if I love them or not. It is a nostalgia thing. It makes me think of my childhood spending summers in the Southeast and a big move to the Pacific Northwest as an adult.

Philosykos is a great blend. It is fairly simple but it completely conveys the fig tree and its surroundings… Continue reading | 11 Comments