Gucci Bloom Perfume Review

Gucci Bloom

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

The past few years have been good for Gucci. Basically, you see it everywhere…again. For myself, I have an interest in Gucci again. So, when Bloom came out, the first perfume by creative director Alessandro Michele, I should have been excited. But, the deal is that Gucci, as fragrances, aren’t very cohesive in comparison to other designer perfume brands like Prada (which all seem “related”) or even Tom Ford. Gucci… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Women’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Trends + Perfume

I’m pairing women’s Spring/Summer ’15 fashion trends from the runway to perfumes. I noticed that this year it’s less about the 90’s throwbacks and more about the 70’s. Everything is all flowy and slightly messy. If you want to partake in trends but don’t look good in maxi-dresses or hate the idea of wearing mono colors, you can still participate, but more discreetly…with perfume.

Here are the perfumes that I’ve paired with popular women’s fashion trends of S/S 2015:

S/S 2015 Fashion Trends

Hip Hippie Hooray 

It seems like every S/S “boho” styles hit the… Continue reading | 23 Comments


Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Perfume Review

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu is a flanker to the original Bright Crystal. I honestly don’t remember the original Bright Crystal being this obnoxious. In fact, I remember sniffing it in store when it was launched and not thinking it was too bad. I don’t know if I was being really nice that day or maybe I was congested, but Bright Crystal Absolu absolutely grates my nerves.

Everything about Bright Crystal Absolu is neon. It opens with an… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Normcore Perfume Guide


The other day someone was wearing Tommy Hilifiger Tommy Girl. My first thought was “Oh, I love this stuff!” I think Tommy Girl is one of the best tea fragrances on the planet. And this is saying something since I was suffocated by it during my teenage years. This was the perfume that ALL of the girls wore or put on their Christmas lists or stole from the department store. Tommy Girl was this one thing that preppy, geeky and even a little skanky sort of girls wanted. It was so… Continue reading | 24 Comments


Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion Trends + Fragrance 2013

I’m pairing women’s fall/winter 2013 fashion trends from the runway to perfumes. This season everything is chunky and clunky from over-sized overcoats to 90’s club kid heels, but who wants to smell “clunky”? Here are other popular women’s fashion trends that translate into perfume.

Navy A/W 2013


I feel like a dope saying that navy is a trend. Navy is always in. But, I do have to say that it was all over the A/W runways and I see more navy in the the stores this season. Navy is sharp. Navy is… Continue reading | 18 Comments