Etro Jacquard Perfume Review

Etro Jacquard

Hello, I’m only reviewing Etro Jacquard because I love the sunny, cheerful bottle.

The opening of a Jacquard is a bitter angelica. So, yeah, it smells a little bit like celery leaves and cedar pencil shavings. There’s a dry, spicy black pepper and bright citrus. As far as citrus go, this is a greener, drier citrus instead of a juicy, pulpy citrus. Then we get to the rest of the fragrance. It’s a sheer, powdery iris with a green violet. This isn’t a cosmetic powdery fragrance. It has… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Etro Sandalo EDT Perfume Review

Etro Sandalo perfume

Spring has rubbed off on me. Over the past month I’ve focused on traditionally “pretty” perfumes such as soliflores. Looking at my own perfume collection, I realize that half of my collection includes pageant queens and the other half is a total freakshow. With perfume I tend to gravitate towards two genres: “more beautiful than reality” and “WTF”. As a designer perfume, one would expect for Etro Sandalo not to be in the later category, but I’m here today to tell you that is where it belongs… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Etro Rajasthan EDP Perfume Review

Etro Rajasthan

Etro Rajasthan is one of those perfumes that messes with my mind because the marketing doesn’t really match with the actual fragrance. Some folks can look past that. I can; it just depends if I’m in a very forgiving mood. You can go to Etro and read the copy. It’s something about Maharajaha and dueling feminine spirits. The bottle stands out from the rest of the line with its vivid Kashmiri textile print. But, the fragrance…

Rajasthan opens with rose and lemon Turkish delights. It’s… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Etro Anice EDT Perfume Review

Etro Anice fragrance

I try not to complain about the weather, especially since it has been a mild winter in Seattle, but I can’t help it. I grow tired of winter quickly. After the holidays, I’m like “OK, that was fun. Is it spring yet?” I don’t think I was meant to live this north. Everyday I walk by one of my favorite French cafes. The patio is vacant, chairs and tables are pushed against the brick walls of the cafe. Moss grows between the brick. The sky is gray… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Etro Greene Street EDT Perfume Review

Etro Greene Street Perfume

If you did not know this, you should – Etro makes good perfumes. They’re hard to come by unless you live in a place with an Etro boutique, but they’re good. I think they’re worth the search. Etro Greene Street was launched last year to celebrate their Soho location in New York City. This one is marketed as a masculine but it’s coming from a line that makes hot pink paisley shirts for men. We’re throwing their gender classification right out the window, mmm-kay.

Greene… Continue reading | 2 Comments