Esscentual Alchemy Christmas & Cookies EDP Natural Perfume Review

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Esscentual Alchemy Christmas & Cookies was a request from the perfumer’s dear son. Little Esscentual Alchemy wanted a perfume that smelled like Christmas. I feel that most most children don’t think of their age in birthdays but in how many Christmases they remember. In a world filled with expensive botanicals, I’m sure Legos would be a cheaper gift, but not as interesting request ūüėČ Thank you little Esscentual Alchemy for requesting a perfume for all to enjoy. Mama and little Esscentual Alchemy created a perfume… Continue¬†reading | 3 Comments


Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice Natural Perfume Review

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It’s fall, my favorite season, and I’m craving chai, pumpkin pie, cashmere sweaters in heathered shades and of course, autumn fragrances. Esscentual Alchemy¬†Autumn Spice is what you’d expect with a name like Autumn Spice! It’s a spicy, warm fragrance. It smells like autumn in a bottle. You wear this and you hear the crisp leaves crunch under your boots, you feel the coolness on your nose and the hot latte in hand.

Autumn Spice is a resinous, natural myrrh that is warm and… Continue¬†reading | 6 Comments

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Perfume Talk: An Interview with Esscentual Alchemy’s Amanda Feeley

A few weeks ago, I had the¬†opportunity¬†to do a phone interview with Amanda Feeley, AKA Absinthe Dragonfly, the perfumer for the natural line, Esscentual Alchemy. I’ve never talked with Amanda before on the phone, but speaking with her was like talking to an old friend. Amanda is laid-back and has a great outlook on life. She has a few full-time careers: wife, mother of four, teacher and perfumer. We talked about a few different things our pasts, our family and, of course, we talked about perfume, perfume… Continue¬†reading | 26 Comments


Esscentual Alchemy For The Love of Bees Perfume Oil Review

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I sampled ¬†Esscentual¬†Alchemy For the Love of Bees Botanical Perfume Oil on a dreary January day, a day that I was exhausted by work and frankly, life in general. All I wanted was comfort. The house has been purged of all chocolate and sweets (overreaction to unhealthy December eating), everything was irritating me. This usually isn’t a time that I should sample a fragrance, no fragrance should have to deal with contrary me, but I did. And I’m very happy that I sampled For the Love… Continue¬†reading | 8 Comments


Esscentual Alchemy Blue Lemonade Perfume Review

Esscentual Alchemy Blue Lemonade Perfume Review

Blue Week : 4. 10 – 4. 17

Esscentual Alchemy by Absinthe Dragonfly Blue Lemonade is a  fruity-citrus, a natural hand-crafted perfume that reminds me of carefree summer days, sipping an iced glass of lemonade after a long day enjoying the outdoors.

I have to admit that I was a little wary of sampling Blue Lemonade. I’m not a citrus person, even though I know it is many people’s favorite perfume genre. This wasn’t what made me wary… Continue¬†reading | 5 Comments