En Voyage Perfumes Cafe Cacao EDP Perfume Review

Envoyage Cafe Cocao

En Voyage Café Cacao is a gourmand that is in the Souvenir de Chocolate Trio. It’s a perfume that is inspired by a the sort of decadent café mocha that Marie Antoinette would have had.

Café Cacao is as you can imagine, a chocolate perfume. Chocolate perfumes can go into a few different directions¹ and this is a sweet, creamy chocolate with some spice. When it opens it’s like an after-dinner treat of chocolate mousse and sweet, spicy pipe tobacco. There’s a hint of warmth from florals… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EnVoyage Perfumes Indigo Vanilla EDP Perfume Review

Envoyage Indigo Vanilla

Indigo Vanilla is a perfume in the latest trio, Souvenir de Chocolate, by indie brand, Envoyage Perfumes. This perfume is “Inspired by the sensuous and sultry jazz of the 20’s, and the creamy goodness of New Orleans hot chocolate made with steamed milk, sumptuous whipped cream, and topped with violette sucrée”. My nose doesn’t pick up on the jazz and New Orleans inspiration with this one. Instead I’m reminded of a Christmas. So, here’s my Christmas in July review…

Indigo Vanilla opens with cinnamon sugar. It’s… Continue reading


Envoyage Vents Ardents EDP Perfume Review

Envoyage Vents Ardents

Envoyage created two “beach scents” and I get the impression that they were designed for beach weddings or for those that wish they could have had a beach wedding! I have reveiwed Nectars des Îles which seemed to bring back special memories for a stranger. Vents Ardents continues the tropical theme but with less florals.

Vents Ardents opens as a spicy, boozy cocktail. It’s creamy and milky. I would call Vents Ardents a “tropical masculine”. The rum is spiced. The spices-vanilla-tonka-tobacco combo in this reminds me of… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Primordial Scents Earth Perfumes

Primordial Scents Earth
Primordial Scents Earth

Continuing with the Primordial Scents Earth Perfumes:

Esscentual Alchemy Primordial Earth
Esscentual Alchemy Primordial Earth

Esscentual Alchemy Primordial Forest

Notes listed include woods, musks, green florals, spice and citrus. PERFUMER – Amanda Feeley

Primordial Forest reminds me of a cool, damp forest floor. I pick up on black licorice and dew. With time the perfume gets woodsier. I get fir and evergreen… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Primordial Scents 2012 Water Perfumes

I have been asked to review scents and participate in the Primordial Scents Perfume Project hosted by Perfume Pharmer.

I feel that each of these perfumes deserve their own independent perfume reviews; they are all wonderful. However, with my lack of time and “real estate” on my blog, I’ve decided to group the reviews by their element, starting with Water.

Ane Walsh Essaouira EDP perfume
Ane Walsh Essaouira

Ane Walsh Essaouira EDP Natural Perfume

Notes listed include sweet orange, grapefruit, lemon, lavender