Atelier Cologne Bois Blonds EDT Perfume Review

Atelier Bois Blonds Cologne

It’s still hot and humid. This has me revisiting “fresh” fragrances like those in the Atelier Cologne Absolues “Collection Originale“. I’ve been in the mood for a fresh vanilla like Vanille Insensée and the green clover “eau de cologne” Trèfle Pur. I’ve worn Bois Blonds for a few days and couldn’t believe that I haven’t reviewed it yet. Bois Blonds is like an “incense eau de cologne”.

Bois Blonds opens up with spicy pink pepper with a splash of orange blossom water. The pink pepper… Continue reading | 4 Comments


The Different Company De Bachmakov EDP Perfume Review

The Different Company

I didn’t know what the notes were when I first tried The Different Company De Bachmakov but it was eerily familiar even though I knew it wasn’t one memory but multiple scent memories. I smelled air conditioning and fig leaves which reminded me of elementary summer vacations. I then got No. 2 yellow pencil shavings and chalkboards with an air conditioner coolness with a little bit of mildew that resides in those. It was like going back to elementary school after summer vacation. To my surprise when… Continue reading | 11 Comments


LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Furze EDP Perfume

LUSH Furze perfume

If Goldilocks were at LUSH’s house of Furze looking for something just right, she’d find herself breaking a few chairs, picking herself up and walking right back out of the door she came through.

Furze  is one of those “almost right” fragrances. I *should* technically like it because I usually like notes like this. Furze is a good idea but something about it is “broken”. Now most people, OK, non-obsessive perfume people will smell this and think “sweet” which they’ll translate as wearable and delicious and… Continue reading | 3 Comments