Elements x Capsule Show 2015 Recap

Capsule Show 2015


This year Elements partnered with Capsule, an apparel and accessories tradeshow. I found this to be a natural partnership. Capsule features a lot of indie designers and in the past Elements had showcased many indie and niche perfume and beauty brands.

I’ve been to Elements a few times when it was a “stand alone” show. Being that it was the first show partnered with Capsule, I noticed there were fewer brands attending. This is rather typical with any “new” show… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Announcing the 2013 Indie FiFi Perfume Nominees


The nominees are in for the 2013 Indie FiFi Awards that will take place at The Elements Showcase this month. There will be 5 finalists and 1 winner.

indie FiFi 2013

In alphabetical order with my inconsequential commentary:

Amber Oud by By Kilian – PERFUMER Calice BeckerI have tried this one and will have a review up of this one of these days. I think I’m the only perfume person on the planet that dislikes it. But, hey, that is why perfume… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EauMG in NYC: Elements Showcase August 2012 Re-Cap – Trends

Last week I was in NYC. While I was there, I attended the Elements Showcase. This is a biannual highly-curated event that showcases niche perfumes as well as a few skincare and cosmetics brands organized by Frederick Bouchardy (Joya), Ulrich Lang and Jeffrey Lawson.

Elements Showcase

When one goes to one of these events, they expect to sniff stuff. They expect to take pictures of new launches and feel special for seeing it first. Honestly, I can get all of this info from the not-so-comfortable 1930’s banker’s chair… Continue reading | 6 Comments