Amouage Figment Man Perfume Review

Amouage Figment Man

Yesterday I reviewed Amouage Figment Woman, which is a traditionally “pretty” white floral perfume. From the copy and from my experience with Figment Woman, I expected Amouage Figment Man to be a very nice woodsy fragrance.¹ Never judge a fragrance by its bottle or its copy!

Figment Man is so familiar; yet, it isn’t. It doesn’t remind me of perfume. It opens with this glimmer of bitter lemon with a trail of nag champa incense (like the hippie stuff). And there’s so much dirt! It’s like… Continue reading | 4 Comments


EauMG’s Perfume Guide for Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 – Marsala

Pantone Marsala

I’m later than I want to be on this post and I’m sure you’re already sick of hearing about Pantone®’s Color of the Year,  Marsala, but my fragrance pairings with the Color of the Year is a yearly tradition on EauMG. Pantone describes this shade: Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.

This shade is a mix of savory and earthiness. Pantone’s picks of the past few years… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Figure 1 Noir Natural Perfume Review

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Figure 1 Noir is a natural perfume inspired by the bewitching quality of patchouli. If you didn’t know by now, you should know that I’m a patch-head. I love patchouli, especially a dirty patchouli. When I heard of this one, I couldn’t wait to try it. Much of the market has been flooded with “clean” patchoulis (which I do indulge in from time to time) but I knew that this one wouldn’t be clean or sterile. I’ve been longing for a patchouli for patch-heads… Continue reading | 19 Comments


Honoré des Prés I Love Les Carottes EDP Perfume Review

Honore de Pres I Love Les Carottes

Honoré des Prés I Love Less Carottes is in the WeLoveNY Collection. And yes, it is inspired by farmer’s market carrots and it smells like farmer’s market carrots.

Les Carottes really does smell like freshly grated carrots…with orange zest in the opening. Photo-realistic carrot shavings and orange peel. And then I’m reminded of dried apricots. It’s fruity, sweet carrots with a hint of dried ginger but with cool, mineral earth from iris and patchouli. I should probably think it is more unusual… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Juliette Has A Gun Vengeance Extreme EDP Perfume Review

Juliette Has A Gun Vengeance Extreme 100ml
According to Juliette Has a Gun, one gets vengeance on one’s enemies by wearing a TON of patchouli. Since many people seem to dislike patchouli, I think Juliette Has a Gun is on to something…

Vengeance Extreme opens with a cocoa powder and camphoric patchouli. The patchouli is rather potent and I would say you must like patchouli to wear Vengeance Extreme. A rose appears and mixes seamlessly with the pungent patchouli. The overall feeling is that of a damp rose garden in fall. There is a… Continue reading | 9 Comments