aroma M Vanilla Hinoki Perfume Review

aroma M Vanilla Hinoki

I like many perfumes from aroma M, like the va-va-voom amber of Geisha Noire and the the green-licorice of Geisha Green. But, I have to say that Vanilla Hinoki may be my new favorite this indie brand. Vanilla Hinoki is inspired by Japanese baths. It’s fresh, clean and relaxing without being the sort of typical fragrance we’d expect when such adjectives were used to describe them.

When I first tried Vanilla Hinoki, I was so surprised by its steamy opening. It really does come… Continue reading | 2 Comments


YOSH Sottile EDP Perfume Review

YOSH Sottile

Rose Week 2016

Even if you are an occasional reader of EauMG, you probably have picked up that I love roses. I love rose fragrances, skincare and even as something to eat. I’m always looking for an excuse to sample and talk about rose perfumes. And this is why every year on February 14th, EauMG has “Rose Week”. This is an entire week where I can indulge my rose obsession.

I’m kicking off this Rose Week with one of those rose perfumes… Continue reading

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 2/4/12

Dona Drake

The Lipstick League – week of 2.4.12

Welcome to our new Lipstick League member, the fabulous My Beauty Bunny, who will be bringing us the latest in cruelty-free beauty every week!

^^^I love My Beauty Bunny!

Question of the Week – If you could have a shopping spree with any cosmetic brand, who would you choose?

EauMG’s Answer: If it were for cosmetics, I’d go with NARS. Now if were perfume, I’d go with JAR because why not? 

Gouldylox Reviews –… Continue reading