EauMG’s March 2017 Favorites

pink building Charleston

I don’t want to be one of those boring people that complain about the weather, but I’m going to be one of those boring people. The weather in March was so frustrating. We had an icestorm. The disgusting, tar-soaked ice piles lingered for weeks. It was cold and disgusting. All I wanted was spring and it couldn’t be found.

This was OK, because I needed to focus on finals. I wrapped up another term. Like weather, I know people get sick of hearing this too: Time flies… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Wiggle Little Five Perfume Oil Review

Wiggle Perfume Little Five

I ordered a few samples form Wiggle Perfume (as you know, review of Nicosia here), a local Olympia line. Ordering on-line, I went with the descriptions. I really felt a connection with perfume, Little 5. I’m a gal now living in the Northwest that grew up in the Southeastern U.S., spending my time between Nashville and Atlanta, family still in both places. Mrs. Wiggle “got me” with her description of this fragrance:
For me, it all started in Little Five Points, Atlanta. On… Continue reading | 3 Comments


EauMG Takes Glass Petal Smoke’s Sensory Questionnaire

EauMG on the Oregon Coast
Frink and I at the Oregon Coast

Glass Petal Smoke has posted a Sensory Questionnaire, a questionnaire that takes one of a personal sensory journey. I’ve spent weeks thinking about these questions. I’ve really done some sensory exploration here. I’m sure it’s more than you want to know, but it does give some insight on my fragrance personality.

1. What does your sense of smell mean to you?

I’ve always been a very smell and taste orientated person… Continue reading | 8 Comments

home scents

Aromatique The Smell of Gardenia Home Fragrance Oil Review

I can’t escape the truth that I am a Southern gal. This is only evident for my love of king cakes, mustard greens, and the smell of gardenias. I know that many people out there find gardenias too old-fashioned, too formal, and just too heavy. I love gardenia scents. I love those that come across humid and tropical, those that are sweet and romantic, and even those heavy, old-fashioned blends that remind me of a prim and prudish Southern woman.

Aromatique The Smell of Gardenia isn’t the highest quality gardenia… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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My Thanksgiving Thoughts.

Thankful to be out of the South
Thankful to be out of the South

I try to keep this blog from being too personal. I don’t expect people to enjoy reading about my fortunes or misfortunes. That’s what reality TV is for. Anyways, on this Thanksgiving I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. This has been a huge year for me. I’ve made my first huge move. Drove across this barren country, starting in hot and bothered Nashville and making it to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’ve had to… Continue reading