Demeter Gingerale Pick-Me-Up Cologne Fragrance Review

Demeter Gingerale Review

EauMG hasn’t wrote a review for Demeter Gingerale?! What?! I really thought that I did this like 2 years ago. Oh, well, looks like I haven’t. This is one of my favorite Demeter Pick-Me-Up Colognes. It smells just like gingerale. It’s effervescent, gingery, and sweet. It is so exhilirating.

I usually don’t wear ginger fragrances. I like ginger perfumes, but they don’t wear “right” on me. They smell better on other people. Demeter Gingerale is a ginger that I can wear. If you hold this stuff… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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What To Get Your Niece : A 2010 Winter Gift Guide

Oh, geez, can you believe it is already November? You know what that means. Christmas music will be pounding your eardrums. A little trip to the store to pick up paper towels will take too long for no good reason. You’ll be suffer respiratory distress because Trader Joe’s set out those cinnamon broom things. Oh, the holidays are near… Here’s my gift guide for girls and teens.  I always see fun beauty and fragrance products and wish I knew a young girl to give these items to as gifts. I still… Continue reading | 13 Comments


Demeter Gin & Tonic Cologne Review

Demeter Gin & Tonic

I don’t find it unusual to want to smell like a cocktail since most fragrances have an alcohol base. There are easy to replicate and most things put into cocktails smell good. Demeter Gin & Tonic is a the simplest cocktail; it’s stripped down. This is a “masculine” fragrance. It’s fresh and clean smelling. It has a mineral element to it (tonic, right?), slightly effervescent. There is a faint citrus/lime in this that adds a refreshing quality. The base is a tad spicy, a synthetic juniper accord… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Demeter Suntan Lotion Pick-Me-Up Cologne Review

Demeter Suntan Lotion

Here’s another Demeter PMU Cologne Spray that I thought I reviewed. Well, my thoughts were wrong. I haven’t. On this scorching hot day when I wish I was by the pool, I’m going to review Demeter Suntan Lotion. Demeter Suntan Lotion Cologne is a fun scent for summer or a fun scent to sniff when you long for summer. This isn’t your “typical” suntan perfume. I mean that this isn’t coconuts and piña coladas. This is is old-school suntan lotion. I’m talking about one of my… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Almond Review

Demeter Almond

Recently I have realized that there are so many Demeter fragrances that I haven’t reviewed, many are my favorites. I guess I thought that since they are “singular” scents that there isn’t much to review. Well, I’m reviewing them anyway.

Demeter Almond is beautiful and simple. I love almond scents because they remind me of fancy Italian soaps. I love the sweet tartness of almond scents used in European toiletries. Demeter is less soapy than the almond products that I use. This is why I like Demeter… Continue reading | 5 Comments