Demeter Iris Fragrance Review


Demeter Iris CologneIs Demeter Iris the best iris? No. But, it’s affordable and makes a nice room spray. Surround yourself with irises any time of the year.

Iris is synthetic and cool smelling. Almost like leathery, earthy root. Within a few more minutes I get something sweeter and more floral, reminding me of sugared violets, sweet and powdery but green. Hmm…a little Guerlain-ish. In about 10 more minutes, it goes back to being earthy, but a floral iris. And in 30 minutes, it’s completely and totally gone… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Demeter Gingerale Pick-Me-Up Cologne Fragrance Review

Demeter Gingerale Review

EauMG hasn’t wrote a review for Demeter Gingerale?! What?! I really thought that I did this like 2 years ago. Oh, well, looks like I haven’t. This is one of my favorite Demeter Pick-Me-Up Colognes. It smells just like gingerale. It’s effervescent, gingery, and sweet. It is so exhilirating.

I usually don’t wear ginger fragrances. I like ginger perfumes, but they don’t wear “right” on me. They smell better on other people. Demeter Gingerale is a ginger that I can wear. If you hold this stuff… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Demeter Dulce de Leche Cologne Fragrance Review

Demeter Dulce de Leche

If you love sweet, foody scents then you need to give Demeter PMU Cologne in Dulce de Leche a try.

It is a very sweet, milky fragrance that smells like well, its namesake. At first spritz it smells like a caramel-ish liqueur but then it dries down to sweet dulce de leche goodness. It’s a very “warm” and comforting scent that smells like caramel-ish milk and sugar. It smells very “toasted” and sugary. If you dislike gourmand food scents then please stay away from this… Continue reading


Demeter Beet Root Pick-Me-Up Cologne Review

Demeter Beetroot

Beet Root is one my favorite Demeter fragrances. It is exactly what it says it is, a beet root. It is dirty and earthy. It is dead on fresh from the Farmer’s Market, covered in dirt and earth beet root. I feel like I can smell the individual dirt granules. After it dries down a bit, you can smell a hint of the bitter fresh, greens. It is bitter, dirty, and earthy. It isn’t stale or dry but more “wet” and alive/fresh/new. If you want to know what this… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Demeter Salt Air Cologne Fragrance Review

Demeter Salt Air

I like Demeter because they’re cheap and fun. Where else can you get an interesting product for $5 for half an ounce of juice. I know the lasting quality of these fragrances aren’t so hot and have a short life span on the skin. So what!  First they are a cologne, second they are cheap and third they are fun. I have like 60 of these things.

Eau de Washington Water

Today… Continue reading | 1 Comment