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EauMG’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

Jane Winton

I’ve always been attracted to a bit of vampy drama. Keeping up with EauMG holiday gift guide tradition, I put together this holiday guide for all of the goths, alt-chic, vintage vamps and post-punk dames on your list. This year I went a little more high-end luxury with this gift guide, indulging my inner silent film star. And obviously indulging my 2011 obsession with nail polish. I apologize for all of the nail polish. All of the wonderful nail polish.


A 2010 Glittery Black Nail Color Guide

2010 glitter black nail polish guideRecently I got a craving for a shiny black nail color with gold glitter and/or shimmer. I still haven’t found one but I did find lots of black nail polishes with glitter during my research. Surprisingly, most of these nail colors are in the affordable, budget range with prices falling under $10. Here’s my starter guide to glittery black nail colors. If you know of anymore, please add the to the list. And if you know of a black with gold glitter, let… Continue reading | 9 Comments


A 2010 Dark Chocolate Brown Nail Color Guide

Chocolate brown nail color guide

I think it has been long enough and chocolate brown nail polish is ready to be back. Chocolate brown is dark but it’s warm undertones work nicely with warm skin tones, better than black. I’m thinking dark chocolate here or Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Here’s 15 bitter chocolate nail polishes in a variety of price points to get you started 🙂 If you know of any to add this guide/list, please do. It’s easy to overlook brands.

Under $9 Brown Nail


A 2010 Royal Purple Nail Color Guide

Royal Purple Nail Polish Guide

I know that dark nails have been popular for years now, but I still love rich, royal purple nails, especially for the fall and winter. And royal purple is going to be hot this fall season. Many makeup companies are launching royal purple products for fall 2010. Royal purple is a deep shade and has more drama than a black in my opinion. It’s neutral tones of blue and red won’t wash you out. Here is a list or a guide of royal… Continue reading


Happy Halloween!


This Halloween has really crept up on me between my job being stressful, the renovation, training a smushed faced puppy, and every other little thing that kept coming up. It’s one of my favorites. I was unable to even decorate the new home because the exterior is still a bit “under construction”. It looks spooky as is.

I love Halloween but it is the one day that with my cosmetics I tone it down. I wear very dark lips or dark eyes. I can’t do it on Halloween… Continue reading | 2 Comments