Banana Republic Wildblue Noir EDT Fragrance Review

Banana Republic Wildblue Noir

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Last week I reviewed Banana Republic’s newest feminine addition to their fragrance collection, Wildbloom Rouge. Today I’m taking a look at their most recent masculine addition, Wildblue Noir.

Wildblue Noir opens as “sweet ozone”. It’s fresh but not overly clean fougere. It’s one of those sweet fougeres that seem to be popular with young men now. Wildblue Noir becomes warmer and softer. It really is a chocolate suede with an ambery musk. Going from fresh… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Arquiste Anima Dulcis EDP Perfume Review

Arquiste Anima Dulcis perfume

Anima Dulcis is by far the most sophisticated chocolate perfume on the market. It’s not too sweet. It isn’t paired with overpowering notes like patchouli or sandalwood. Anima Dulcis is chocolate perfume done right.

Anima Dulcis is a sweet and spicy Mexican hot chocolate. In the top I get a little bit of citrus with a “vanilla orchid” floral. The cocoa is present from the beginning. It’s dry, dark and delicious. The heart of this fragrance gets creamier with vanilla scented steamed milk and… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Rebel + Mercury Cerise en Cocoa Natural Parfum Review

Rebel + Mercury Cerise en Cocoa

Rebel + Mercury is a Seattle-based natural perfume line. I haven’t worn all of the Rebel + Mercury perfumes on the skin but I can tell you at this time, Cerise en Cocoa is my absolute favorite.

Cerise en Cocoa is a rich fragrance that opens with cherry liquor and a bouquet of roses with a lift of sweet grapefruit. With time, the fragrance becomes even juicier and richer. It’s decadent. The base is a dry, earthy cocoa powder and black tea… Continue reading | 1 Comment

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EauMG’s Chocolate Perfume Guide – Volume II


In 2008 I made a Chocolate Perfume Guide, 5 years have passed and I need to update it. Here’s my Chocolate Perfume Guide Volume II.

Chocolate perfume guide

Under $75

Demeter Devils Food Cologne – Demeter makes quite a few chocolate scents – Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hershey’s…my favorite is Devils Food. It smells just like chocolate cake batter. It’s a short lived fragrance (it’s a cologne spray) but it’s fun to use as a room spray. If you want it to last longer… Continue reading | 16 Comments


Opus Oils M’Eau Joe No.3 EDP Perfume Review

Opus Oils M'Eau Joe

As a broad from Nashville, Tennessee, I’ve spent too many nights at smoky rockabilly venues that only served the Tennessee favorite, Jack Daniels. I haven’t stepped foot in such a thing in what feels like a million years.

Upon smelling Opus Oils M’Eau Joe No. 3 I was reminded of a few really great shows. Typically the acoustics were too loud and the venues weren’t well ventilated. Tons of smoke and all the bartender could mix up was Jack and Coke so don’t ask for anything… Continue reading | 3 Comments