Unconventional Beauty Product Favorites – Neocell Collagen Drink Beauty Infusion

Favorite unconventinal beauty products

Over the next few months, I thought I’d focus on my “unconventional beauty” products. These are the sort of products that aren’t your typical beauty products (like makeup or topical skincare). These are the weird non-beauty beauty treatments that I do. (I’m also considering covering my non-beauty beauty treatments that were a total waste of my time).

Let me immediately start with a disclaimer. I am not a doctor. I don’t even pretend to be one on the Internet. Do not take medical advice from… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Smell Bent Sunset People EDT Perfume Collection Review

Smell Bent presents “Sunset People” a collection of five disco inspired perfumes. Here are my impressions:

Smell Bent Disco Nap

Disco Nap includes notes of caramelized vanilla, ambergris, almond, coconut and “snuggly” musk.

Disco Nap is a sweet perfume that opens with coconut, almond and vanilla sugar. And then it gets a nice dose of ambergris that adds some sophistication to this toasted sweet dessert.

Give Disco Nap a try if you like sweet perfumes or perfumes like Costamor Dulcess, Bath and Body Works Warm

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Votivo Holiday Candles: Reviews of Winter Cranberry & Dulce Caramelo

Votivo is a wonderful line of candles. They have quite a few that I consider staples in my candle arsenal. Every year I get excited for their Holiday line.

Votivo Winter Cranberry

The packaging is very glamorous. I like that is holiday but not too holiday. This line is are more wintery. The larger candles are housed in a “silver” mirrored vessel with the Votivo logo. The box is metallic and I want a wallpaper like it 😉 The candles are also available in a travel tin, not as glamorous but… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Nanette Lepore Perfume Review

Nanette Lepore

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Scent

Nanette Lepore EDP is a fruity-floral fragrance launched in 2004. I’m not trying to be harsh but I find it dull. It’s a bummer because the bottle is adorable just like Nanette Lepore’s vintage inspired clothing. It isn’t that I dislike the fragrance. It’s pleasant enough; I just think life is too short for me to wear a fragrance that I don’t absolutely love.

The fragrance is fruity and slightly tart at first. I do pick up… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Demeter Cosmopolitan Cocktail Cologne Review

Demeter Cosmopolitan Cocktail Cologne

I love a tart and fruity cosmo. I like mine with lots of vodka and unsweetened cranberry juice and lots of lime. I like to pair it with stupid Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield flicks. It makes for a good and lonely Friday night.

Demeter Cosmopolitan Cocktail Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray is really not what I was looking for. It should be renamed Pixie Stick or Sweet Tarte since it is a dead ringer of these childhood sugary treats. It is very tart on initial… Continue reading | 2 Comments