Boyfriend EDP Perfume Review

Boyfriend is a fragrance by actress Kate Walsh. I had an opportunity to interview Kate Walsh about Boyfriend. There’s more information of the inspiration of this fragrance in that post. This is my review.

After wearing Boyfriend a few more times, I’ve decided that I really love it. At first I was wary. Does the world need another patchouli vanilla even if it is pleasant? Does the world need another fragrance gender neutral woodsy amber? Well, I could argue yes… Continue reading | 14 Comments


Mistral Balinese Vanilla EDP Perfume Review

Mistral Balinese Vanilla EDP Review

Mistral Balinese Vanilla perfume is a rich, creamy, woody amber fragrance with spices, resins, and woods. Oh, and lots of vanilla. This fragrance is inspired by exotic Indonesian spice markets. Balinese Vanilla is a vanilla fragrance, but it is spicier than most. I think of it as more of a spice fragrance with vanilla than a vanilla fragrance with spice.

I like creamy ambers. I get a “liquid” amber at first. Immediately afterwards, Mistral Balinese Vanilla gets spicy, but it isn’t the type of spice you’d… Continue reading | 13 Comments


Tom Ford Urban Musk EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Urban Musk EDP ReviewTom Ford Urban Musk from the White Musk Collection is described as “A musk of carnal passion, a sexy hedonistic scent that leaves an indelible and irresistible impression“.  I really do not know where the name “urban” comes in but that is popular in perfumery. We all have an “urban” perfume stereotype, mine being CK1 and Bvlgari Black. But, what does “urban” actually mean? I really do not know where Tom Ford was going with this one.  I’d never use the words “carnal“, “hedonistic” or “raw” to… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Jacomo Art Collection #08 EDP Perfume Review

Chai lovers, here is a fragrance for you! Every fall I crave spicy, chai tea like fragrances; fragrances heavy on cardamom, rich spices, and sweet honey. This fall/winter, I have a new obsession: Jacoma #08. This is a fragrance from Jacomo The Art Collection. To make a long story short, Jacomo is finally doing fragrance again. Each of the fragrances in The Art Collection is based on an “aromatic illustration”. #08 is spicy, amber fragrance inspired by an illustration by Egnéus of Ganesha (pictured in the… Continue reading | 13 Comments


Demeter Dulce de Leche Cologne Fragrance Review

Demeter Dulce de Leche

If you love sweet, foody scents then you need to give Demeter PMU Cologne in Dulce de Leche a try.

It is a very sweet, milky fragrance that smells like well, its namesake. At first spritz it smells like a caramel-ish liqueur but then it dries down to sweet dulce de leche goodness. It’s a very “warm” and comforting scent that smells like caramel-ish milk and sugar. It smells very “toasted” and sugary. If you dislike gourmand food scents then please stay away from this… Continue reading