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The Lipstick League – Week of 10/27/14

Olive Borden

The Lipstick League – week of 10.27.14

Question of the Week: What is your favorite season when it comes to new beauty collections?

EauMG’s Answer: I love autumn and holiday collections. I like autumn because the colors are usually darker and I like holiday because of the packaging. I typically always hate spring because pastels look stupid on me. And summer collections are usually bad for me as well. They’re always like turquoise eyeshadow and tons of bronzer. 

EauMG – This cool and rainy… Continue reading

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NEW: Senna Cosmetics Virtual Vintage Fall/Winter 2010 Color Collection

Senna Cosmetics Virtual Vintage Fall 2010

I absolutely love Senna Cosmetics fall/winter 2010 aesthetic. It totally fits in with the vibe here at EauMG. Every fall I crave Marcel waves and vintage glamour with a slightly gothic take. Eugenia Wetson is giving me that all wrapped in a pretty little makeup collection inspired by 1940’s designer Adrian and the imagery of Avatar. The collection features:

EYES: There are 2 Sparkling Eye Colors for fall, Posh (deep cranberry shimmer) and Fixation (deep warm green with gold shimmer). There’s… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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NARS Fall 2010 Color Collection

NARS Fall 2010

NARS autumn 2010 color collection is “Old Hollywood meets futuristic look”. Are we talking Metropolis here? Regardless, the concept is quite dreamy. I’m a vintage and sci-fi geek so the thought of this tickles my soul. This collection is all about the bold. That’s why NARS is one of my favorite brands. NARS has also featured his muse, Daphne Guinness. I really do like her, but everyone is making such a fuss that NARS named a color after her. Have they forgotten that this trend setter has her… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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NEW: Smashbox Masquerade Fall 2010 Color Collection

Smashbox Masquerade

For autumn 2010, Smashbox has launched the Masquerade Collection. This collection features rich colors with shimmer and sparkle.

EYES: There’s the Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette that retails for $35. This palette contains 9 powder eyeshadows. The cool thing about this palette is that the 3 colors in each row coordinate with each other taking the “fuss” out of pairing colors. Colors include: matte peach, shimmery eggplant, perfect matte taupe, khaki with gold shimmer, pale honey gold shimmer, bronze shimmer, metallic muted purple, and twinkling navy


MAC To The Beach (Ya’ll) Summer 2010 Color Collection

To be honest, I think the only reason that I like this summer collection is because of the packaging. It’s a “print” that is found throughout my home decor. (Think Thomaspaul creepy sealife prints found on pillows, etc. and antique sealife prints). The motifs are the ones featured on the model’s ill-fitting swimsuit. The colors aren’t anything new. In fact, many are the same colors MAC has all year but in snazzy summer packaging.

The collection describes itself as such: “The seaside has a kind of golden, sexy alchemy we’re