Aether Arts Magic Mushroom Perfume Oil Extrait Review

Aether Arts Magic Mushroom

The best thing about indie perfumery is its freedom to take a risk. This risk is why many of us follow indie (and niche) perfumery. We want to smell perfumes that don’t smell like other perfumes. Aether Arts Magic Mushroom took a risk to be a “gourmand mushroom” perfume. This may sound rather odd but quite a few botanical perfumes depend on mushrooms to add an animalic, earthy muskiness without relying on animal-derived ingredients.

Now most of these botanical perfumes that I’m thinking about use mushrooms to… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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Simply Scrub Organic Body Scrub Reviews

Simply Scrub Scrubs

I use body scrubs all year long, but I do find myself using them more in the summer when more of my skin is exposed to the world.

Simply Scrub is a line of all-natural, organic body scrubs that currently has four formulas. Unlike many products that are the same formula with a different fragrance, each of these are completely different.

I use scrubs weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, on my body. I do not use scrubs on my face since I use chemical exfoliants. Usually I prefer… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Monsillage Aviation Club EDP Perfume Review

Monsillage Aviation Club

When writing about perfume, I often wonder how I even have so much content. Hasn’t it all been said before? Well, yes and no. Even with bounteous launches, I still have things to say (yes, even I’m surprised by this). There are some perfumes that I don’t really have anything to say about and they don’t usually get reviewed. It may not even be that they are “bad” but that there isn’t much to say about them. Now, there are some perfumes that I don’t really have anything… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Parfums Lalun Qajar Rose EDP Natural Perfume Review

Parfums Lalun Qajar Rose

Rose Week 2015

Parfums Lalun is a rose soliflore inspired by the roses revered by Qajar dynasty artists and Sufi poets. This is the sort of fragrance that allows the rose to choose its supporting notes. You’ll find hay-like notes, fruity notes, robust coffee notes and sweet notes that amp up what is naturally present in rose absolutes.

Qajar Rose opens as hay and roses. It gets fruitier and starts to remind me of rosewater dessert. This stage is mouth-watering delicious – like fresh… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Sweet Anthem Walden and Cooper Perfume Reviews

Sweet Anthem has launched two new masculines in their summer The Great Northern Collection, Walden and Cooper.

Sweet Anthem Walden

Walden contains notes of petit grain, white pepper, vintage florals, ambergris and oakmoss.

Walden opens with tart citrus, fruits and florals. It’s a bitter, green floral with peachy aldehydes. Now green florals can go in a few directions like a dewy “spring” floral or “cool”, Walden doesn’t go in this direction. It has depth and underneath there is some “darkness” from earthy mosses.

This is such a… Continue reading | 4 Comments