Vilhelm Don’t Tell Jasmine Perfume Review

Vilhelm Don't Tell Jasmine

I like Vilhelm Don’t Tell Jasmine because it reminds me of glamorous, rowdy 70’s supermodels like Jerry Hall and oddly enough, nights in Mexico. Also, it’s jasmine. And I love jasmine.

Don’t Tell Jasmine opens with a fruity crème de cassis that immediately brought to mind a kir royale. The citrus adds a champagne-like effervescence. Underneath all of this is a skanky jasmine. If you are sampling this, I really hope you like jasmine because that’s what this perfume is all about! It’s a big jasmine… Continue reading


Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Bahiana Perfume Review

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Bahiana


When I first tried Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Bahiana, I merely dismissed it as Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue for Her but with more plumage. Both have some similarities – citrus, dry woods and a breezy feel. However, now that I’m trying Bahiana again, over a decade from its initial release, I realize there’s some to Bahiana.

The opening of Bahiana is almost like a vegetal, musky citrus. It’s lemon and something that reminds me of ambrette. As it wears… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Providence Perfume Co. Samarinda EDP Natural Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Samarinda

Samarinda is the newest perfume from a house that I love, Providence Perfume Co. This spicy fragrance is inspired by Indonesia. I get Pacific Northwest craft cocktail from it.

Samarinda opens with a boozy cardamom and orange oil. Spicy pink peppers add a fruitiness. Samarinda actually gets “louder” at the heart. It’s a spicy carnation floral…with booze. So much booze. And a hint of earthy espresso which smells like toasted brown rice on my skin, like genmaicha. I also swear that I get a fruity, sweet 


Perfumes to Help & Hinder Your New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, it’s that time where we are told we need to make resolutions for the new year. Now I’m all about setting goals and trying to better oneself or their situation, but I’m not about beating yourself up. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. I’m not going to live my life beating myself up because I couldn’t lose 30 pounds in six months or teach myself to speak French fluently in eight months. I go to bed every night happy with the person that I am. Now saying that, I do have goals and I’ve… Continue reading | 12 Comments


MIKMOI Vesper EDP Perfume Review


Mikmoi is a San Francisco based indie perfume line that I stumbled upon in May. And I’m rather happy I’ve stumbled upon this line. Vesper is a lillet inspired perfume. I’m sure it’s inspired by the cocktail and James Bond (lillet cocktails had very little to do with Orthodox prayers…). Out of the line, I found Vesper to be the most challenging but I guess that is why I’ve bonded with it (pun may or may not be intended).

Vesper opens as a sharp scent with latex… Continue reading | 8 Comments