Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending Mascara Review

Pacifica Dream Big Mascara

I think Pacifica makes great fragrances for the money. For years I’ve been using their perfumes and bath/body products. They have expanded the brand over the years to include cruelty-free cosmetics and facial skincare. I haven’t tried their makeup until now!

Pacifica’s most recent mascara launch is Dream Big Lash Extending Mascara.

The Claims: Pacifica is calling this a “7-in-1” mascara: lash serum, length, lift, volume, conditioning, rich color and 2-in-1 brush. It volumizes with plant fibers and conditions with a peptide… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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The Lipstick League – Week of 7.6.15

Annie Girardot

The Lipstick League – Week of 7.6.15

Question of the Week: Three Mascara questions! Black or brown? Volumizing or lengthening? Waterproof or washable?

EauMG’s Answer: Here I go: black-brown, volumizing and washable. What about you? 

My Newest Addiction – Laura shares her favorite item from MAC Giambattista Valli and it probably isn’t what you think!

Nouveau Cheap – There’s about to be a new player in the dollar store game, but will this new national chain bring us some new… Continue reading

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Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara Review

Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara in Carbon Black

Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara is an affordable volumizing mascara in a huge variety of colors. This mascara comes in metallic shades of silver and gold to purple and blue. And yes, it comes in regular ole’ black and brown. I’m reviewing Carbon Black, a soft black shade that is in the “matte” packaging.

I usually dislike volumizing formulas because they either flake, create crunchy & spiky lashes, or just clump like crazy. I can’t think of one volumizing… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Mascara Review

Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara ReviewLately I’ve been wearing Hourglass Cosmetics Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara. Don’t you love the name? I like it. It’s a basic mascara that is buildable without clumping! Here’s my review:

The Formula: I like Film Noir mascara and not just for the name. Film Noir is a basic mascara that covers all of the bases: lengthening, darkening, and thickening. It is a bit of a “wet” formula. It isn’t dry or fibrous. Because it is wet, it is easy to build without making… Continue reading | 9 Comments

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Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions Microfiber Mascara Review

Maybelline Pro Extension XXL Mascara ReviewWeekly Cheap Secret:

I have found a mascara that I like! OK, I know you’ve read all my rants about hating so many mascaras over the years. I said like here, not love 🙂 This means that I will repurchase if I don’t find something else or hear about a “bigger and better” mascara launch to screw me over. But, I’ve been using Maybelline XXL Pro Extension Mascara and actually really, really like it. It’s the closest thing that I have to… Continue reading | 6 Comments