Aftelier Shiso EDP Natural Perfume Review

Aftelier Shiso perfume

Aftelier Shiso is a perfume that actually captures the complexities of many Asian “green” flavors. Wearing Shiso reminds me of all of the good and bad things that I’ve done with things that I’ve bought at Asian markets. It reminds me of smelling bunches of herbs labeled in languages that I can’t read, imagining what I’d do with them when I got home. I once made a shiso simple syrup for cocktails, it was terrible. My other experiments were much more pleasant and are now staples in… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Love Potion Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Love Potion

Valentine’s Day is this week. It seems appropriate to review a botanical fragrance called Love Potion. Phoenix Botanicals Love Potion is a perfume inspired by warmth and herbal teas.

Love Potion opens with spice; a mixture of peppercorns and clove. It’s dry and warm. This heat is over creamy tropical florals and an earthy, dark patchouli. The dry-down is something that really does remind me of a spiced black tea. It’s like chai but without any of the “cool” spices like cardamom. Love Potion is… Continue reading


M.Micallef Rose Extreme EDP Perfume Review

M. Micallef Rose Extreme

When you dabble into the perfume world you quickly start to realize that you don’t know your tastes. You’ll say things like “I hate jasmine” and only find yourself falling in love with a jasmine-heavy perfume six months later. My tastes have changed from when I first started showing interest perfume. I shouldn’t say “changed” but instead expanded. I’m open to more. Now saying that, I started this journey loving rose and I still do. I love rose. I’m a rose person. People often ask me… Continue reading | 14 Comments

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Byredo Peyote Poem Candle Review

Byredo Peyote Poem

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m guilty for buying things just for the name. Luckily in the case of Byredo candles, Peyote Poem was the one I wanted for the name. It also helps that it was the fragrance I wanted.

Peyote Poem is my alter ego. A pyschotropic using beatnik that somehow writes poetry that actually sells and gives my alter ego enough money to buy luxury candles that alter ego me will use to accidentally burn down my alter ego’s flat (including the… Continue reading | 6 Comments


DSH Perfumes Euphorisme d’Opium EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Euphorisme d'Opium

Euphorisme d’Opium is in DSH Perfumes’ YSL Retrospective Collection for the Denver Art Museum. Can you guess which epic perfume this one is inspired by?

I think we often forget what a scandal YSL Opium was in 1977. In today’s world mega pop stars are bragging that their perfume smelling like “expensive hookers” and the media latches on to a statement about blood and semen. Countless mainstream perfumes outright sell sex. For example, there is a perfume line called “Sexual” and they have such… Continue reading | 5 Comments