Union Gunpowder Rose EDP Perfume Review

Union Gunpowder Rose EDP

Rose Week 2014

Union is a niche British perfume house inspired by the British Isles that if now available in the U.S. As a rose love, I have to admit that I was immediately drawn to this one.  And I was drawn to the name, Gunpowder Rose. It’s difficult to not think of an ill-fated love story set in the time of war. But, most likely being such a British house, this perfume is inspired by Guy Fawkes Day.

Gunpowder Rose opens… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Providence Perfume Co. Cocoa Tuberose Natural EDP Perfume Review

Providence Perfume Co. Cocoa Tuberose

Cocoa. Tuberose. Two polarizing notes that made an unexpected power couple that leaves cocoa lovers and haters and tuberose lovers and haters wanting more.

Providence Perfume Co. Cocoa Tuberose opens as a dark and earthy cocoa with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar. I love gourmands, so I’m loving this gourmand opening. It’s delicious. If I sniff “closely” I get an interesting coolness, it reminds me of wormwood pastilles that I can get at the Korean bakery mixed with “cool” green tuberose. Cocoa Tuberose is… Continue reading | 16 Comments