EauPEN Thread – Holiday Gifts

Chanel No. 5 1971
Did you receive any smelly things/perfume as gifts over the holidays? If so, what? If not, is there anything you want to treat yourself to?
I didn’t really get any perfume but I did get two perfume-y items from my Vintage Beauty Gift Guide. Apparently David read that post and gave me the Chanel No. 5 Fragments d’Or and Malle Iris Hand Cream. The bottle of this is so much bigger than I expected (8.4 oz). It’s actually a very… Continue reading | 16 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 12.18.17

Judy Pace

The Lipstick League – week of 12.18.17


Question of the Week: What beauty products are in your purse right now?

EauMG’s Answer: This is the most boring answer – I’m not carrying a purse right now. I realize that I hate them, even if they are practical. If needed, I’ll carry a backpack, foldable tote or *gasp* a fanny pack (or “belt bag” – the name of their newfound hipness). But, for the most part, it’s winter… Continue reading


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Margaret Lindsay

Merry Christmas!

We had a really laid back Christmas. Actually, this was the first time we even celebrated in our eleven years of marriage. I think with the big changes that occurred with the move, we felt this need to grasp onto something familiar, like a tradition. David actually bought a little blue tree and covered it with little blue glitter ornaments and a little white star. I joke that the capitalism of New York will eventually consume you…and it does. For the first time ever… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 12/15/2014

Shirley Jones

The Lipstick League – week of 12.15.14

Question of the Week: What beauty item would you consider an ideal hostess gift during the holidays?

EauMG’s Answer: Well, I would usually say booze but after this weekend, I don’t ever want to see booze again. I also like to give people really nice candles from Diptyque or NEST. I also like to give fancy bar soaps like Fresh or Byredo. 

My Newest Addiction – The holidays… Continue reading | 2 Comments

gift guide

EauMG’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

Auntie Mame

HUG your auntie! Auntie Mame is back with this 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces and Teens. This is my fun glitter-heavy gift guide for those kiddos and teens in our lives that love a little bit of glamour…I hear they inherited that love from their auntie 😉

teen gift guide

1. Blue Avocado (eco) Hot Iron Cover – This is a storage cover for hot irons and curling irons created by Lauren Conrad. This brand uses… Continue reading | 12 Comments