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The Lipstick League – Week of 6/19/17 – #SOTD


The Lipstick League – week of 6.19.17

Question of the Week: What fragrance are you wearing right NOW?

EauMG’s Answer: It’s Pride! So, I stared out wearing a Serge Lutens but right now after a day of record shopping, parade watching and eating pizza, I’m wearing Charenton Macerations Christopher Street.  What’s your SOTD?

Blushing Noir – The SWEAT-PROOF, BUDGE-PROOF FULL COVERAGE Makeup Routine that you need to try out for Summer!

EauMG – I love sunscreen about as much as… Continue reading

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Charenton Macerations Asphalt Rainbow EDP Perfume Review

Charenton Macerations Asphalt Rainbow

Rose Week 2016

Charenton Macerations Asphalt Rainbow is a perfume inspired by street art. I enjoyed following the perfume’s development through the brand’s Instagram which showcases various street art, mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was a bit surreal to see some of the posts and then later see this art in person, like some sort of street art scavenger hunt. We moved to the East Coast rather abruptly, so when I was “liking” images, I never imagined that a… Continue reading | 10 Comments


EauMG’s 2015 List – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2015 was a year of so many changes for me. I mean, I moved across the country. This takes some adjustment. We live in a different region. We have different jobs. Even our possessions are different because we got rid of mostly everything before the big ‘ole transcontinental move. This year has been such a blur. I can’t remember what happened or didn’t happen because so much happened.

Regarding the blog and perfume, I’ve been lazy. I’ve been more interested in wearing and enjoying the perfumes that I already own. I have been behind on new launches. There are too many to keep… Continue reading | 19 Comments

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EauMG’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Niblings and Teens

EauMG's holiday gift guide


HUG your auntie! My holiday gift guides are back! This is an annual tradition on EauMG for the past five years. This edition was previously known as “Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces and Teens” but as I discussed last year, I wanted a word that was more gender neutral or something I could use collectively. To this date, I have four nephews and one niece. I just want one word to sum all this up. The English language really lacks in this regard… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Charenton Macerations Christopher Street EDP Perfume Review

 Charenton Macerations Christopher Street

“Out of the bottle, into the street.” Here’s what happens when perfume intersects with history and activism.

Christopher Street is the first fragrance by Charenton Macerations, a house devoted to giving us perfume with a story. Christopher Street is named after and inspired by the bohemian, beatnik and historically gay area in New York City, home of the Stonewall Inn and the location of the Stonewall Riots of June, 1969 (this is why Pride is every June). I could go into the story, but Charenton… Continue reading | 7 Comments