Chantecaille Kalimantan EDP Perfume Review

Chantecaille Kalimantan perfume

Kalimantan is such an unexpected addition to the Chantecaille fragrance line. It’s quite a tale of Beauty and the Beast. We have this skanky, dirty amber beast of a fragrance in a middle of a pretty princess luxury beauty line.

Kalimantan opens as this rich amber and delicate spice with barnyard funk (oud). After 10 minutes, I get this green, herbal grassiness that at times reminds me of pot and then when I think of it some more, it’s more like thyme and Mexican oregano. This is all… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Chantecaille Vetyver EDP Perfume Review

Chantecaille Vetyver EDP perfume

If you’re the type of person that likes vetiver but doesn’t like vetivers that “get all up in yo face”, then you need to check out this little jewel of a vetiver – Chantecaille Vetyver.

Vetyver opens with a rather nice grapefruit with peppery spice.  It’s very refreshing especially on a warm day. Vetyver’s heart is a clean vetiver with enough bergamot and smoke to remind me of Earl Grey tea. They dry-down is a soft, smoky vetiver. The overall feel of Vetyver is rather… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Chantecaille Le Jasmin Perfume Review

The weirdest thing happened. I got a hair cut. I had my 40’s Rita Hayworth blunt but pin curled hair cut. I got a flapper bob. A nice, modern short bob. My hairstylist did an awesome job and it came out lovelier than expected. Smooth, straight, and better than vintage. I then went cosmetic shopping. No joke, every store that I went to kept pushing jasmine heavy scents on me. It has the be the “jazzy” new bob. I didn’t say that I liked jasmine or that I was looking for… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Chantecaille Bengali Tigre Holiday Color Collection

This is truly a regal and beautiful color collection. Chantecaille is the best because it seems that they are always plastering wildlife onto cosmetics. I love it. This “collection” offers three lovely compacts.

We have the White Tiger Face Powder Compact. It is a light slightly shimmery face powder enriched with Monoi. I love monoi. The powder has a lovely white tiger on it and is in a beautiful gold mirrored case. It retails for $85. For those of us that want some “color” in the dead of winter, we have the Bengali Bronzer