MIKMOI Aldwych EDP Perfume Review

Mikmoi Aldwych

My favorite smell in the world is that of the ocean. And I’m not talking perfumery’s usual take on the ocean which is just squeaky clean soap. I like the smell of the ocean. Salt air, brine, seaweed and oysters. This doesn’t mean that I want to walk around smelling like a fish market, but I do love a briney perfume, something not afraid to bring in some of the dirtiness from the ocean into its composition. The ocean represents both birth and decomposition. MIKMOI Aldwych is one… Continue reading | 9 Comments


The 7 Virtues Noble Rose of Afghanistan EDP Perfume Review

The 7 Virtues Noble Rose of Afghanistan

Rose Week 2014

Make perfume not war.

My introduction to this line was at Elements in January 2013. I had never heard of this brand before. In fact, I was worried that it was another one of those “perfumes will kill you with their toxic chemicals but ours won’t!” sort of natural perfume line because of the wholesome name. I looked at the sleek bottles and being a rose lover, I picked up The 7 Virtues Noble… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Sweet Anthem Valentine for Vendetta Perfume Review – Lolita & Poppy

Sweet Anthem Lolita

Just in time for Valetine’s Day, Sweet Anthem is launching two new limited edition perfumes, Lolita and Poppy. These are in the Valentine for Vendetta Anthology, the house’s Spring Collection.

Lolita has notes of black currant, cherry blossom, rosewood, tonka bean and sea salt.

Lolita opens as a delicate, powdery cherry blossom. Lolita has a clean, warm quality that reminds me of sun-dried linens. It’s sheer, warm and laundered. It’s one of those delicate, musky florals.

*Technically* I shouldn’t really like a clean and… Continue reading | 7 Comments

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EauMG’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration – Fragrance Freebie (CLOSED) – Caron Bellodgia EDT

Caron Bellodgia EDT

It’s EauMG’s 5 year blog anniversary. It’s my birthday week. The celebration won’t stop! 99Perfume is offering one lucky reader of EauMG a bottle of Caron Bellodgia EDT.

I love this perfume. I call it “carnation vanilla ice cream” (full review here). It contains vanilla and carnation but isn’t too heavy for summer wear.

Fragrance Freebie! – CLOSED

This giveaway is available for readers of EauMG that reside in the continental U.S. that are 18+ years of age… Continue reading | 36 Comments


Caron Bellodgia EDT Perfume Review

Caron Bellodgia

Sadly I was informed last week by a person that sells perfume and has been doing it for many years  that the Bellodgia customer is dying off. It’s time to make new fans, so here’s my review 🙂

The EDT of Bellodgia smells like carnation vanilla ice cream. It’s a creamy carnation with hints of “green” rose with violet and balsamic vanilla. The green in the EDT is a very pleasant edition and you won’t find it in the other concentrations of Bellodgia. The heart is a spicy floral with a nutty… Continue reading | 21 Comments