Capsule Parfums Moto EDP Perfume Review

Capsule Moto perfume

I really couldn’t resist trying a perfume with blackberries and tar even if the copy makes me want to vomit.
A rebellious scent inspired by bikers and the babes who love them. A dark fruity floral with notes of black plum, sun-warmed blackberries, black dahlia, smoky incense, vanilla and tar. Seductive and liberating. Equally dangerous on men and women.
Because, you know, women just ride on the back of bikes, they don’t actually drive them. *eye roll*

Capsule Moto is a cough syrup-like plum… Continue┬áreading | 3 Comments


Capsule Parfums Urbane EDP Perfume Review

Capsule Parfums Urbane

Capsule Parfums are a line of smaller “pocket” sized fragrances obviously marketed to the “20-something” crowd. Urbane is a perfume inspired by “the zest of urban life”.

I’m the type of person that absolutely loves living in urban areas. Suburbs freak me out and rural areas give me panic attacks. As far as “zest of urban life”, I really don’t know what to say about that. I love living the way that I do but I do encounter lots of “urban zest”, just check out any… Continue┬áreading | 1 Comment


Capsule Parfums Jaunt EDP Perfume Review

Capsule Jaunt perfume

Capsule is a rather new line of perfumes that is marketed to “urban” types that I assume are on-the-go. The bottles are 1/2 oz and retail for under $40. This makes them easy to travel with and practically impulse buys!

The story/inspiration behind Jaunt is rather esoteric, something about a crossing of spiritual paths and journeys and stuff. To me this is a very nostalgic scent reminding of grandpa’s pipe tobacco and old hope chests stored away in the attic. It’s possible that your taking a… Continue┬áreading | 7 Comments