By Kilian Love (Don’t Be Shy) EDP Perfume Review

Kilian Love

Marshmallows are the most disappointing dessert. When international friends visit, they always want to try this exotic fluffy cube of sugar¹. As a good friend, it’s my job to tell them that they’ll be disappointed. Then I remember that life is full of disappointments. If they have made it this far, they can handle being disappointed by a boring sweet. I go find them marshmallows, they eat them and always go “That’s it? That’s not even good”. I nod my head in agreement and always a shoot a look… Continue reading | 6 Comments


By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses EDP Perfume Review

Kilian Liasons Dangereuses

By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses (Typical Me) is a dense jammy rose. However, the difference between Liaisons Dangeresues and other jammy roses, is that this one has a greenness that makes it seem more like “IT’S ALIVE!” which is a good, I guess. It’s a rose entangled in fruit orchards and vines that makes me think of Disney Sleeping Beauty’s cursed castle – a snarl of overgrown thorns.

Liaisons Dangereuses is a spiced plum jam with overripe, slightly camphoric blackcurrants. It’s fruity, jammy and lactonic with a green coconut… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Eating Crow – September 2014


I had said in my 6th Blogiversary post that I’d like to start doing a feature where I revisit perfumes to see if my “eaupinions” have changed. I said I wasn’t afraid to eat crow…and I’m not.

I think the best way to handle this new monthly feature is to resniff and wear 4-5 perfumes that I’ve reviewed in the past to see if my thoughts on these perfumes have changed. In 6+ years, I’m sure there will be some crow eating.

So, let’s… Continue reading | 2 Comments


By Kilian Forbidden Games EDP Perfume Review

By Kilian Forbidden Games

I’ve had zero luck with By Kilian “In the Garden of Good and Evil” Collection. They’re all “nice” fruity-florals but they lack personality. Or maybe I’m being really harsh because I expect more from luxury brands. And I expect more when a perfume costs a lot more than I usually pay.

Forbidden Games opens as peach blossoms and apples. It’s a fruity sweet fragrance with rose. My notes while sampling this one say “styling mousse“. I’ve had this complaint before with fragrances that do the… Continue reading | 10 Comments


By Kilian Sweet Redemption EDP Perfume Review

By Kilian Sweet Redemption

By Kilian Sweet Redemption or “The End” is the final perfume in the L’Œuvre Noire Collection. Looking back at this collection, especially after seeing where the line has went, it was a really solid collection. When Sweet Redemption was first launched, I wasn’t immediately drawn in. My notes actually said “pedestrian”. Trying Sweet Redemption years later, my opinions have changed. It may be due to the amount of drivel the line has launched post 2011 and how my expectations have been lowered. But, really I think… Continue reading | 9 Comments