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The Lipstick League – Week of 1/5/15

Buster Keaton New Year's

The Lipstick League – Week of 1.5.15

Question of the Week: What’s your beauty resolution for 2015?

EauMG’s Answer: I know they have a bad reputation, but I actually really like New Year’s resolutions. I usually have mine ready to go when the first hits, but this year, I’m procrastinating. Beauty resolutions are my most shallow, so I have those down. One of them is to begin jogging. But, actually stick with it even if it is pitiful like 15 minutes a day… Continue reading


Fumie New Year’s Resolutions

Buster Keaton New Year's

Here’s to a wonderful 2012! Let it be filled with frizz-free hair, fabulous ‘fumes, happiness and fumie friendships!

Like many people, I hate New Year’s Resolutions but I continue to set resolutions. It’s more goal setting for me and I’m all about goals. Last year I made 6 resolutions and I did very well with each of them…excluding the “get crazy skinny” resolution which I realized was crazy stupid 4 hours after writing it down. It was just the post-holiday… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice Natural Perfume Review

Buster Keaton with dog

It’s fall, my favorite season, and I’m craving chai, pumpkin pie, cashmere sweaters in heathered shades and of course, autumn fragrances. Esscentual Alchemy Autumn Spice is what you’d expect with a name like Autumn Spice! It’s a spicy, warm fragrance. It smells like autumn in a bottle. You wear this and you hear the crisp leaves crunch under your boots, you feel the coolness on your nose and the hot latte in hand.

Autumn Spice is a resinous, natural myrrh that is warm and… Continue reading | 6 Comments