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The Lipstick League – Week of 11.9.15

Jean Harlow

The Lipstick League – week of 11.9.15

Question of the Week: When you want to truly pamper yourself (as we all should do from time to time!), which products do you reach for?

EauMG’s Answer: This is a fun question and one that I like thinking about because well, I’m indulgent. So, here’s what I use. Wearing a favorite fragrance is the quickest and easiest way to pamper. I also like burning “fancy candles” while wearing a sheet mask and reading something I want to read

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A Few LUSH Bubble Bars Review

 Rose Week 2013

So the new place is small but it has features that keep me from complaining about its size. One of these is an amazing super-sized bath tub. Another is that I’m a 10 minute walk away from LUSH. This has resulted in me spending too much on LUSH Bubble Bars, Bath Melts and Bath Bombs.

LUSH Rose Jam Bubble Bar

Rose Jam with notes of rose, lemon and geranium. Retails for $6.25.

It’s the jam. Seriously. This is a “Bubbleroon” meaning it’s… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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EauMG’s 2011 Valentine’s Gift Guide…for yourself.

EauMG's 2011 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love it or hate it, but Valentine’s is right around the corner. I have mixed feelings about this holiday. I feel that it only exists because no other holiday is happening in February. I really don’t understand if it is a real holiday or not. Is it just a festival? But, there’s something in me that likes Valentine’s. I can’t resist a day that celebrates love with champagne, chocolate, flowers, and lace. That being said, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s because I buy myself champagne… Continue reading | 18 Comments