DSH Perfumes Metropolis EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Metropolis

Metropolis is a fragrance by DSH Perfumes that is inspired by urban city landscapes, modernism and minimalism. And I get that with Metropolis. This is like concrete roses, chrome aldehydes and lacquer-like sandalwood.

Metropolis opens with a rubber and leather under bright, chrome-like aldehydes. It’s an industrial fragrance with hints of vinyl, glue, rubber tires, leather and white musk. It reminds me of a rose dipped in concrete. The sandalwood in this comes across as a sharp and lacquer-like. Metropolis dries down to musk on hot pavement with… Continue reading | 1 Comment


LUSH Orange Blossom EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Orange Blossom

Some orange blossom perfumes are light and airy. Some orange blossom perfumes mingle with other white floral divas like tuberose and jasmine. And then sometimes you’ll find an orange blossom perfume that ins’t “light” but “dark”. LUSH Orange Blossom is one of these orange blossoms that could possibly have “noir” following its name.

Orange Blossom hits you upside the head with a honeyed, sharp orange blossom with rosewood (honestly, I  could live without the huge helping of rosewood in the opening). Orange Blossom is huge. It… Continue reading | 2 Comments