La Bella Figura Paris Natural Perfume Oil Review

La Bella Figura Paris

Paris – a place that never ceases to inspire perfumes…

La Bella Figura Paris opens with herbaceous, cooling lavender and green herbs. Once it warms on my skin I pick up the most on tarragon and cool earth giving the feel of a damp herb garden in early spring. And then you walk into a bar. It’s slightly smoky with apricot infused sipping whiskey with vanilla. The dry down is classic feeling “parfum” with oakmoss and woods. The brand describes Paris as “floral” but the… Continue reading


Huitieme Art Naiviris EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Art Naiviris EDP

Huitième Art Naïviris is a simple fragrance with two accords listed that I’ve never sniffed before. I can’t find any info on “African red iris” and I’m only familiar with zebra wood in the context of fancy mod furniture. I have no clue what either of these things smell like in “real life” but here’s what Naïviris smells like:

Naiviris opens as with a lipstick waxiness and powdery iris that reminds me of the “makeup” in Dior Homme. It’s rooty and vegetal. Reminds me… Continue reading | 4 Comments