A 2011 Bright Blue Nail Color Guide

2011 Bright Blue Nail Polish Guide

Blue Week – 4. 10 – 4. 17

With this guide, I’m trying to “collect” really bright blue nail colors that remind me of LED lights. These are those true pain-inducing blues, no green, no turquoise, just unnaturally blue. It seems to be a popular trends this spring. April is Autism Awareness Month and you can Light It Up Blue with these nail colors.

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Taxi! A 2010 Yellow Nail Polish Guide

I like yellow nails, but it often looks brash against the yellow in my complexion. But, it is such a cool color and when I get on a nail color, I don’t stop until I find the perfect one. I’ve compiled a “guide” to yellow polishes. I’m trying my darnest to leave out those that come across as gold. Yellow is cheery, unexpected and works with pale to dark complexions.

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