Bourbon French Parfums La Vie Nouvelle EDT Perfume Review

Mary Brian


If you love perfume and if you are (or are ever) in New Orleans, you really need to check out this little perfume house, Bourbon French Parfums. You will leave with something. Everyone does. You’ll probably leave with a lot of things, but the prices are really affordable. You can leave with like five bottles for the price of one bottle of European niche perfume.

I’ve tried a few from the brand and I’m attracted to their florals. There’s a nice vintage-y quality… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Bourbon French Parfums La Pluie EDT Perfume Review


Jane Russell taking a bath

There’s a little shop in New Orleans that celebrates and preserves the hedonistic culture of the region, Bourbon French Parfums. With a culture that knows good food, good booze, good smokes, good design and well, um, good-looking bodies, you better believe that they know good perfume too. This little shop is one of my favorites in the United States. It’s been open since the mid-1800’s. It’s been passed down through many hands, but it’s still thriving and making perfume. And for niche perfume… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Bourbon French Parfums Marguerite EDT Fragrance Review

To enhance the reading of this review of Bourbon French Parfums Marguerite, I suggest you play the EauMG “drinking” game. Grab your favorite perfume. When you come across the word “aldehyde” in singular or plural form, spritz yourself with your fragrance.

vintage Ivory Soap ad

Marguerite opens as a new bar of Ivory soap. It’s a sharp scent with aldehydes, white florals over musks that are both creamy but powdery. Like I said, the fragrance opens as sharp aldehydes and barbershop green violet leaves. Oh, have I mentioned aldehydes?… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Bourbon French Parfums Perfume of Paradise EDT Review

Alice Faye

Bourbon French Parfums is a niche perfume house located in the beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans. Here’s what I  noticed about the line: they do aldehydic and retro florals very well and as a whole, they are very, very affordable.

Perfume of Paradise opens a crisp green florals and aldehydes. It reminds me of the big beautiful aldehydic, feminine “greens” of the 1960’s-1970’s. The florals are slightly soapy, but in a good way, in a vintage way. The dewy lily of the valley florals lose… Continue reading | 5 Comments