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The Lipstick League – Week of 6/10/13

Ziva Rodann

The Lipstick League – week of 6.10.13

Question of the Week – What’s the most regrettable hairstyle you’ve ever had? (Details, please!)

EauMG’s Answer So on Friday I got my hair chopped off by a new stylist. New stylists are always nervous types. I gave her directions of exactly what I wanted and she still wouldn’t shave the back. I wanted drastically short and I didn’t care how round it would make my face look. It didn’t happen on this visit. Anyway, she asked


Happy Halloween!


This Halloween has really crept up on me between my job being stressful, the renovation, training a smushed faced puppy, and every other little thing that kept coming up. It’s one of my favorites. I was unable to even decorate the new home because the exterior is still a bit “under construction”. It looks spooky as is.

I love Halloween but it is the one day that with my cosmetics I tone it down. I wear very dark lips or dark eyes. I can’t do it on Halloween… Continue reading | 2 Comments