EauMG’s April & May 2017 Favorites

Guggenheim NYC

OK, so I’ve had to consolidate 2 months into one. This is mostly because of the stupid blog hacking that put me out of commission. And then it was finals/wrapping up of my first year of grad school. I’ve been busy.

Gosh, let me see if I remember what happened over these two months. I was busy with school and projects. I went to a lot of museums. I had a friend in from Seattle and we went to a k-pop (EXO) concert. I had a great… Continue reading | 15 Comments


Anti-Haul April 2017

A lot of people do “Anti-Hauls” on Youtube. If you aren’t familiar with these, these are videos where people talk about what they aren’t buying. With so many launches, I love the premise of this. It gives us a reason to talk about what’s new without actually participating in this makeup economy of “BUT THIS LIMITED EDITION THING!”. Here’s my version, sans video. Here’s my additional comments¹. 

It’s prime “Summer Collection” time so I have a lot of new things to discuss. Too many new things to discuss!

Here’s some things that have launched or will be launching soon… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 8/3/15

1935 Savage Blush ad

The Lipstick League – week of 8.3.15

Question of the Week: Name the ONE blush you find yourself reaching for the most right now.

EauMG’s Answer: I have a Kryolan Matte Blush Palette. There’s a shade in the palette that I can’t get enough of. It’s a matte shade that is like a matte pastel lavender. It’s amazing. And now I’m on the hunt for more purple and pink/lavender blushes. 

we heart this – what do you call a… Continue reading | 4 Comments


EauMG’s January 2015 Empties

January 2015 Empties

Well, the first month of 2015 is officially over! I hope it went well for you guys. It went well for me.

This month I spent a week in Hong Kong. This resulted in me buying a ton of cosmetics and skincare. Like a ton (I’ll post a haul tomorrow). And this also resulted in me using up some travel-sizes and samples. I really should go into no-buy mode until the spring.


Besame 1938 Cream Rouge in Crimson Review

Besame Crimson Rouge

Bésame is a line of cosmetics inspired by authentic vintage beauty products and makeup. I’ve been using their lipsticks for years. Now that it is winter, I’m currently in a cream blush/gel stain makeup mood. I want a dewy complexion so I’ve switched to cream-based products.

Besame 1938 Crimson Cream Rouge is exactly what the name implies. It’s a vintage inspired red cream rouge for lips and cheeks.

The packaging: Besame is a great brand because they’re dedicated to every detail. This is a painted tin… Continue reading | 11 Comments