BLOOD Concept O EDP Perfume Review

BLOOD Concept O perfume

BLOOD Concept O is a perfume created by a perfume house inspired by blood types. It’s a “concept” and like traditional perfume. 50% of the perfumes in this concept make me cringe and the other two are OK. Concept O is one of those “OK” ones in the group. Strangely, it reminds me of a mosh pit of private school posers trying to act hardass. It’s a fragrance that overall is harmless and simple and a little more interesting than the others…in a more “forced”… Continue reading | 1 Comment


BLOOD Concept B EDP Perfume Review

BLOOD Concept B perfume

Representing the 4 blood types, there are 4 fragrances in the BLOOD Concept line. Out of the line, I’ve had 2 scrubbers and 2 potential scrubbers. Actually the “potentials” ended up being OK once I got over their initial metallic-ness.

Concept B opens as something that reminds me of a hamster cage. Actually it isn’t as bad as it sounds. It smells like an astringent, peppery cedar and metal bars. It’s a hamster cage, a clean hamster cage. The fragrance is sharp, cool and… Continue reading | 3 Comments


BLOOD Concept A EDP Perfume Review

BLOOD Concept A perfume

BLOOD Concept is a concept perfume line out of Italy. Yes, it’s based on blood types. Eventually, I’ll get to reviewing all of the “perfumes” in this line. I’m going to spoil my opinion for you with my first review. I’m terrible at being suspenseful.

My first response to A on me skin was a loud “ewwwe” of disgust that caused The Smooshed Face League, my dogs, to jump. I startled the frugs. Concept smells like Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Watermelon Lip Balm and… Continue reading | 14 Comments