DSH Perfumes White Lilac EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes White Lilac

I love the smell of lilacs. I hope when I retire that I move to a lilac ranch. (Um, are any of those things real? Retirement, lilac ranches?) I love the heady floralness, the honeyed nuances and most importantly I love how the flowers and their scent remind me of spring.

Lilac perfumes aren’t the easiest soliflores to find. I’ve head that the flowers can’t be distilled but one would think accords could be done to replicate the floral. I don’t know if they’re unpopular… Continue┬áreading | 9 Comments


DSH Perfume Vers la Violette EDP Perfume Review – Passport to Paris Collection

DSH Perfumes Vers la Violette

Purple Flowers Week 2014

DSH Perfumes Passport to Paris is a collection of perfumes inspired by Belle Epoque Paris for the Denver Art Museum. Vers la Violette is an hommage to one of the most popular notes in perfumery at the time, violet.

Vers la Violette opens a mushroom-y violet. Vers la Violette has a sheerness. It’s like a breeze of living violets – petals and stems. It isn’t powdery, sweet or candied. It’s a flirty, fresh and breathing. This is a “green”… Continue┬áreading | 1 Comment