April Aromatics Erdenstern EDP Natural Perfume Review

April Aromatics Erdenstern perfume

Years ago, April Aromatics won me over with the decadent”glamour hippie” spicy patchouli, Bohemian Musk. I adore the the brands heady florals (like Tempted Muse), but I’m always drawn to what Tanja does with earthy notes. Erdenstern is like a cousin of my first April Aromatics love, Bohemian Musk. This is a botanical musk with a leafy bitterness over the brand’s signature “sophisticated, balsamic sweetness”.

Erdenstern opens as a dusty, dark chocolate cocoa powder and musk. It’s warm, earthy and… Continue reading | 2 Comments


A Happy Medium – A Look at Three Types of Perfume

Today, I am talking fragrance solvents, mediums, bases, types, carries, whatever you want to call it! Organizing my perfume collection, not an easy task, I realized that other than perfume “families” that my preferences for perfume goes through many sudden and drastic spurts in the area of “medium”. I have perfume oils, EDTs and EDPs and way too many solid perfumes. And here I go…analyzing three popular perfume mediums.

Betty Blythe with crystal ball

Alcohol based perfumes– I’d say these are the most popular perfumes even though I… Continue reading | 12 Comments