La Curie Number Three Perfume Oil Review

La Curie Three

La Curie is an Arizona-based indie brand that is Inspired by “mythology and sacred ground” that offers EDPs and perfume oils. Number Three perfume oil is described as “The rites of spring in a forbidden garden”. For me, it’s figs and hillside evergreens in late summer.

Number Three is a “clean” fig, like a green fig with cool mountain air. It’s a bitter, green fig with evergreens and a white musk. There’s a sharp citrus that reminds me of grapefruit peel. Number Three wears as crisp, clean… Continue reading


Happy Halloween from EauMG!

Halloween Bessie Love
Miss Bessie Love

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great Halloween filled with sweets and fun.

I’m finding that adult Halloween is boring for me. Many people are surprised that I’m not more of a Halloween person being that I like macabre, horror movies, and dressing up. Don’t they get it? This is what I like all year. Why would this day be any more special? Instead, I get trick or treaters until midnight and I have to be at work… Continue reading | 2 Comments