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The Lipstick League – Week of 8/19/2013

Stephane Audran

The Lipstick League – week of 8.19.13

Question of the Week – Do you ever fall into a beauty rut? If so, what types of things help to pull you out of it?

EauMG’s Answer: I wouldn’t say it’s a rut but more like figuring out what works for you or what doesn’t. In my early 20’s, I wore every color of eyeshadow ever and switched it up daily. At my age now, I like my two looks of “no eye makeup, red or dark

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A Cosmetic & Fragrance 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for the Vintage Soul

Holiday 2010 Gift Guide for Vintage inspired gals

Here’s my Holiday 2010 gift guide for the vintage soul. You know, the type of gal that knows how to pin curl and brush them out, wears red lipstick daily, and has a bit of an Old Hollywood complex.  She wishes dressing gowns would à la mode and has always wanted her own boudoir. This gal is a real glamor, vintage at heart. She may have a degree in something boring, wear off-the-rack clothing, and have to clean her own bathroom… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Complexion Enhancer Review

Benefit High Beam

I can’t believe that I haven’t talked about this product sooner! I’ve been using if for over 5 years. It’s one of my favorite complexion products. Benefit High Beam really is a supermodel in a bottle. It does wonderful, wonderful things for my complexion. It’s a shimmery pale pink creamy liquid that I use on my cheeks, brow bones, down the nose, etc. It blends in nicely without looking too over the top. It makes my skin look healthy and dewy. I love to mix it with cheek stains… Continue reading


Benefit Maybe Baby Perfume Review

I like Benefit Maybe Baby because it’s so “out of character” for me. It’s this girly-girl, playful fruity-floral fragrance. The name is silly and it’s so weird that I like it.

Maybe Baby opens with a burst of fuzzy apricot and a tangy white ginger. The heart is a peachy-fresh white floral with greenery and bergamot. It eventually dries down to a floral musk.


The bottle is a strange shape (a.k.a. uncomfortable to hold)  and has stupid little sayings all over it that I guess are supposed… Continue reading | 1 Comment


The Stain Attraction: A Guide To Lip Stains

I love lip stains. They look fresh natural and just like you’ve had a glass wine sans the headache. I like to wear them alone or with gloss or under my deeper lipstick shades to make them last longer. They are very easy to wear. You just fill in your lips and go. They are meant to be you lip shade but better. Just remember to wash your fingers if you use them with finger tips. You don’t want those berry stained. There are a ton on the market and I am going… Continue reading | 1 Comment