Blackbird Y06-S Perfume Review


Blackbird Y06-S perfume

Blackbird is a Seattle-based indie perfume brand with a minimal aesthetic and fragrances with backstories delving into science fiction, art and oracles. Throughout the years, I’ve reviewed a few Blackbird perfumes. In all honesty, I have never wanted to try one as badly as I did the newest launch Y06-S. Why? BANANAS. I am one of those weird people that loves the scent/flavor of artificial bananas. It’s so sickly sweet, unnatural but if you really focus on a real banana isn’t it as… Continue┬áreading | 11 Comments


LUSH Ladyboy EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Ladyboy perfume

Most LUSH fragrances do not work for me; however, I admire the line because they take a risk. I can’t think of any other brand as big as them that takes risks. And I can’t think of any brand their size that attempts to tell olfactory stories.

From my experience, the “ladyboys” that I’ve known love to wear Mugler Angel. And in my opinion, Angel is the lady-boy fragrance because it smells masculine but for some reason it isn’t. I mean, we all know that… Continue┬áreading | 14 Comments